Creating Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

What Are Appointment Slots?

Appointment Slots are times that you can create in your Google calendar to simplify people booking time with you. You determine the appointment slots and then people can sign up for a time to meet with you within those specific time periods in your Google calendar.


Open Google Calendar

Click Create

Find and select the Appointment Slots 


Edit your Appointment Slots:

  • Time and duration.  Tip: increase the time duration by an additional ten or fifteen minutes to prevent appointments from running over. This also provides you an opportunity to stretch, breathe, or respond to urgent matters.
  • Title your appointment slots
  • Select more options to set a time zone if there is the possibility that you will share this link with others in different time zones

Click Save to create your Appointment Slots

Sharing Your Appointment Slots

Upon hitting save you will be taken to a new page, which will display your calendar and your new Appointment Slots. While you can see your full calendar, others will not be able to. They will only see the appointment slots and the remainder of your calendar will be blank.

Share the link that was generated in the URL bar with people to enable them to sign up for your available meeting time.


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