Current Learning Opportunities

We are dedicated to offering professional development and skill-enhancing opportunities to our colleagues. Additionally, we collaborate with campus partners to help promote opportunities they have open to employees. Offerings vary from month to month.

  • Please click the sign-up forms for each to see all available dates currently scheduled.
  • For opportunities for managers of staff or student employees, please visit the Manager Learning Page.
  • For wellness opportunities, please visit the Wellness Workshops.

Tools for Productivity

Slack to Meet Your Needs: Slack can be a time saver or a time sucker if not managed well, but there are ways to use Slack beyond simple instant messaging! We want you to understand the basics of Slack functionality, tips for saving time using Slack, and customizing the tool to meet your needs and keep distractions manageable. Book a 30-minute one-on-one session to get individualized support for Slack. Book a 30-minute one-on-one session to get individualized support for Google Calendar.

Google Calendar to Manage More Than Time: Our calendars can manage more than just our time. They can help us manage stress, decrease unnecessary frustration, and save us a few emails too! Use your calendar to help manage work and life, view multiple calendars, integrate with apps such as Zoom and Slack to save time, and more! 

Gmail to Get Things Done: Utilizing the time management theory of David Allen's "Getting Things Done," we dive into Gmail's features. This includes customizing your view of Gmail, using labels, the snooze feature, templates, and creating filters.  Book a 30-minute one-on-one session to get individualized support for Gmail. 

Google Drive to Increase Efficiency and Collaboration: Understanding the ins and outs of Google Drive will positively impact you! Whether you struggle with keeping it organized, finding what you’re looking for, or knowing who has access to what, we will help you make this tool work for you. Book a 30-minute one-on-one session to get individualized support for Google Drive


Gallup's research shows the most effective way to develop and empower people is to help them discover and use their strengths. Strengths-based development is about helping people recognize and develop their talents and strengths - and appreciate others' strengths too. Read what others have said >>

These classes are great team development options as well. Reach out to us for a consultation!

CliftonStrengths: Introduction to a More Excellent You: Foundation class to learn about the power of CliftonStrengths, extract the most out of your reports to harness your greatest potential for excellence and identify how your strengths can help or hinder you. CliftonStrengths is a powerful tool for future growth, improving your relationships with others and developing yourself as a stronger teammate. Sign up!

Note: The Introduction to CliftonStrengths class is the prerequisite for any other CliftonStrengths class. If you have not taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and are interested in finding out more, please submit a ticket to HR.

CliftonStrengths: You Get the Best of Me When: Deepen your understanding of your CliftonStrengths themes and the value they bring to your world. You will identify the needs of your strengths and how meeting these needs helps you to be your very best. Take your strengths journey up a level as you explore your strengths in combination and how they impact the way you influence, execute, strategically think, build relationships, and get things done. Sign up!

CliftonStrengths: Enhance Your Skills: “Good” communication means different things to different people and in different scenarios. This class will focus on how our strengths impact how we define good communication, handle or react to change, and approach conflict. Sign up!

CliftonStrengths: Leading With Your Strengths: We all manage someone or something. This class focuses on the principles of strengths-based leadership, the needs of followers, and identifying the impact you have on others. Sign up!

CliftonStrengths: Improve Your Wellbeing: This class focuses on the five elements of wellbeing from the book, “Wellbeing at Work: How to Build Resilient and Thriving Teams.”  Participants will utilize their CliftonStrengths to positively impact their level of thriving as we discuss topics such as deadlines, stress, burnout and reacting to change. Sign up! 


Excel/Google Sheet Based Skills

Using VLOOKUP: Learn the VLOOKUP function components, see it in action, and receive practice tools! VLOOKUP is a great time saver! Offered: Monthly. Sign up!

Power of Pivot Tables: Pivot Tables in Excel/Google Sheets is a powerful tool to calculate, summarize, and analyze data that lets you see comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data. This hands-on session will allow you to see it in action and utilize a practice data set to hone your skills! Pivot Tables are a tremendous time saver! Offered: Monthly. Sign up!

Campus Partner Offerings

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) Staff/Faculty Training: The goal of this session is to provide staff and faculty with important information about policies, support resources and when to engage with OEO. This includes accessibility on campus and definitions of discrimination, harassment and sexual violence under new and updated policies. Additionally, you will learn about the processes available to someone who may have experienced this conduct, how to support that person and your obligations as an employee. Offered: Monthly. Sign up!

IT Security Training: On-demand training about important topics such as information security, phishing attacks, employee responsibilities, and more. New training comes out on the 1st of each month. Log In to complete yours and catch up on any you may have missed!

Chart of Accounts: This class is for anyone who uses the financial side of Workday. It will offer a brief review/introduction to the Workday chart of accounts and essential work tags. We will discuss your specific questions during the second half of the session. Offered: Monthly. Sign up!


If there is a topic of interest to you or your team not listed here, please submit a ticket with details for us to review.

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