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Early Retirement Benefit

Full-time benefit eligible employees may retire from the college as early as age 55 provided they have at least 10 years of continuous benefits-eligible service immediately preceding retirement from the College. Service is considered continuous if there is less than a three-month break in service.

Retirees who satisfy the retiree eligibility criteria above, and are between the ages of 55 and 65, are eligible to continue participation in the College's health and dental plans until age 65, provided that the employee had health and dental insurance with the College at the time of retirement, and the Office of Human Resources is notified of the retiree's intent to continue coverage at the time of retirement. Retirees who choose not to continue health and dental insurance at the time of retirement cannot enroll at a future date.

Retirees who were not eligible for, or who elected not to have, health and dental insurance while employees cannot enroll as retirees.

The College will contribute to the cost of the premium for individual or family health insurance coverage at the same rate as regular employees.

The retiree may remain in the plan until age 65, the age of Medicare eligibility. If the retiree reaches age 65 and transfers to Medicare, a covered spouse who is under age 65, and any eligible covered dependent children, may continue coverage provided the retiree pays 100% of the premium. Dependent children may remain on the health plan until age 26. A spouse may remain in the plan until age 65, the age of Medicare eligibility.

Retirees enrolled in medical or dental insurance coverage who have requested the Early Retirement Benefit at the time of retirement will receive an enrollment packet from WageWorks/Health Equity, the administrator of Early Retiree medical and dental benefits. Retirees wishing to continue coverage must submit payments for insurance premiums to WageWorks/Health Equity on a monthly basis. Failure to pay will result in the removal of insurance coverage.

Insurance premium rates will be adjusted accordingly, consistent with changes for active employees.

Once you have reached a decision to retire, please follow these steps:

  • Notify your Department Head and the Office of Human Resources in writing of your decision to retire and the date of retirement.
  • Contact or arrange an appointment with Tricia Kennedy, Senior Compensation & Benefits Specialist, for information about this benefit.
  • If applicable, you should contact the Social Security Administration in advance to receive retirement income information. If you are 65 or older, you should enroll in Medicare A & B through the Social Security Office. It is recommended that you contact Social Security at least three months in advance of when you are eligible for coverage.
  • You may want to schedule an on-site meeting with a Transamerica Representative.  

This benefit is part of the benefits program offered by Emerson College, and will be administered consistent with the College practices set forth in the Employee Handbook.

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