Tuition Exchange

Emerson College is a member of the Tuition Exchange (TE), a national reciprocal scholarship exchange program.  Approximately 600 U.S. colleges and universities participate in this program. Please go to Tuition Exchange for a list of participating member institutions.

Colleges and universities participating in this program have agreed to waive some or all tuition for participants from other member institutions.


Dependent children of full-time staff and full-time faculty (excluding NRF faculty), with two years of service, are eligible to apply for a Tuition Exchange scholarship for their first undergraduate degree (not available for graduate programs or second undergraduate degrees).

Program Benefits

The amount of program benefits and requirements for continued participation are determined by each member institution. If you have any questions concerning participation requirements, benefits, and application process at a particular member institution, please visit Tuition Exchange or contact the Liaison Officer for that school.

Renewal Requirements/Length of Award

Since the duration of award scholarships varies by school, applicants should contact the applicable school’s Liaison Officer or Tuition Exchange for information on the eligibility period for Tuition Exchange scholarships.

Number of Scholarships

The number of Tuition Exchange scholarships provided is up to each individual participating institution. See the information on each individual school on the Tuition Exchange website.

Application Process - Oct. 31 deadline

This is a tremendous opportunity for employee's children to apply for a generous scholarship, but it is important to realize that receipt of a scholarship is not guaranteed.

  • Please note that applicants for scholarships are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable deadlines under the program. Contact the TE Liaison Officer where you intend to apply to ensure that you meet the enrollment/application deadlines.
  • Eligible faculty and staff members who have a child seeking a TE scholarship to a participating institution should contact Human Resources no later than September 15 of the child's senior year in high school (the year before they will start in college).
  • Starting in the fall of 2024; all applications for Tuition Exchange will be made by the applying (prospective) student directly on the Tuition Exchange website. Applications for Tuition Exchange scholarships (for the following academic year) must be submitted on the site no later than October 31.  
  • The TE Liaison Officer will verify the eligibility of the employee/parent before allowing the application to be submitted to the schools to whom to student is applying for a scholarship. The Liaison Office will check the Tuition Exchange site on a weekly basis between September 15 and October 31, so that all applications will be submitted to the schools by November 1.  Applications submitted by students after October 31 will not be approved for submission to the schools.

Selection Process

  • By July 30 of each year, Emerson College will determine the number of exports that it will allow for that fall's applications for Tuition Exchange applications at other schools. The number of available exports will be determined at the discretion of the school based on the current number of Emerson College imports and may vary from year to year.
  • Eligibility for exports to apply for a TE scholarship is determined by Emerson College.  However, TE scholarships are granted by the host institution. Emerson College cannot guarantee that any applicant, no matter how well qualified, will receive a TE scholarship from the host institution.

Notification Process

Students are generally notified by mid-April concerning whether they will receive a Tuition Exchange scholarship. (Note that due to the law requiring schools allowing prospective students until May 1 to finalize decision regarding acceptance of scholarships, that notifications may come after May 1). Students / parents may contact the Liaison Officer at the granting school for more detailed information. 


  • If a TE recipient takes a leave of absence, withdraws from school, studies abroad, or graduates, the student must notify the TE Liaison Officers at both Emerson College and the host institution immediately.
  • If a student takes a medical withdrawal, a continuation of their TE scholarship will be determined by the process in place at the exporting school.

Additional Information

For additional information concerning applying for TE scholarships outside of Emerson, please contact the TE Liaison officers for the applicable school(s). The contact information for each school is available through Tuition Exchange.



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