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Open Enrollment - 2021 Benefits


Welcome to Open Enrollment for 2021 Benefits!

On this webpage, you will find everything you need related to Open Enrollment.  

Important Open Enrollment Notes:

  • Open Enrollment begins Monday, November 2 and ends Wednesday, November 18.
  • Benefit changes you make during Open Enrollment will be effective on January 1, 2021.
  • All Open Enrollment elections and changes will be made on Workday.
  • If you wish to be enrolled with dental coverage in 2021, you must make your dental plan election in Workday (due to the new dental plan option). If you don't enroll; you will not have dental coverage in 2021.
  • If you wish to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2021, you must actively enroll with the FSA during Open Enrollment. Current FSA elections do not carry over into the new year.
  • If you are enrolled in the High Deductible Medical Plan and wish to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) for 2021, you must actively enroll with the HSA during Open Enrollment. Current HSA elections do not carry over into the new year.
  • If you wish to enroll with or make changes to health coverage, you will make those elections on Workday.

See below for two important videos:

1. See the Open Enrollment message from Shari Stier, Senior Associate VP of Human Resources

2. Also, click the arrow below for a special Open Enrollment video with information about our 2021 benefits:
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2021 Benefit Programs


Medical Plans

The 2021 medical rates can be found on the Medical & Dental Premiums webpage.

There are no changes to the medical plans for 2021 and following plans continue to be offered (click on the links below for additional information, including plan summaries):  

If you have questions about the Harvard Pilgrim medical plans, contact Harvard Pilgrim at 866-874-0817 (for both current and prospective members).  

See Special Programs and Discounts for many of the special offerings to those enrolled with Harvard Pilgrim including fitness reimbursement ($150 per family); weight management program reimbursement ($150 per family); free online wellness programs; and many other programs and discounts.


OPTUM Rx Prescription Drug Program 

Optum Rx continues to administer Emerson’s prescription drug plan for all employees enrolled with Emerson’s medical plans. 

Additional information regarding the prescription plan can be found on the Optum webpage.

See a special newsletter on How to Save Money on Prescription Drug Costs.


Dental Plans

New for 2021 will be a choice of dental plans from Delta Dental - a Base Plan and Buy Up Plan. Detail plan summaries can be found on the Dental Plan webpage.

  • The new Base Plan will be offered at no cost to individuals and a lower cost to families. This plan has a $1,000 Calendar Year maximum*, and does not cover orthodontia.
  • The Buy Up Plan is the same as the dental plan currently offered with a $2,000 Calendar Year maximum* and orthodontia coverage. There will be a contribution for both individual and family coverage in this plan for 2021.

* The Calendar Year Maximum is the maximum amount that Delta will pay per plan (calendar) year towards any covered individual on the plan.

The dental rates can be found on the Medical & Dental Premiums webpage.

IMPORTANT:  Due to the addition of a new dental plan option, all employees are required to make a dental plan election during Open Enrollment. If no election is made, dental coverage will end 12/31/2020 and you will not be able to re-enroll until next year's Open Enrollment period.


If you have questions about the dental plans, please call Delta Dental at 800-877-0500. 


Flexible Spending Accounts

To participate in the Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, active enrollment is required each year. The limit for the Healthcare Flexible Spending Account is $2,750 for 2021; the Dependent Care Spending Account limit remains at $5,000. A Limited Purpose FSA account is available for employees enrolled with the High Deductible PPO Medical Plan. For more information about these accounts, go to the Flexible Spending Accounts webpage.

Did You Know?

Emerson also provides the following benefits:

Enrollment Process/Instructions

See Open Enrollment Workday Instructions.


Enrollment Prizes

For this year's open enrollment, prizes will be awarded randomly as indicated below:
Prizes to 3 employees who submit their enrollment by Friday, November 6: $200 Visa egift card
Prizes to 3 employees who submit their enrollment by Friday, November 13$100 Visa egift card
Prizes to 4 employees who submit their enrollment by Wednesday, November 18:
  1. Phillips Sonicare Power Toothbrush (Delta Dental)
  2. Fleece Blanket, duffel bag and more (Harvard Pilgrim)
  3. Yeti Tumbler (Lincoln Financial - new Life/Disability vendor)
  4. Yeti Tumbler (Lincoln Financial)
Winners will be notified on Friday, November 20.
*All prizes are subject to IRS rules on reporting of income.  Tax gross-ups will not be provided for these prizes


Annual Contributions Limits For FICA, FSA, HSA, 403(B) & 457 Plans


2021 IRS Limits for Healthcare and Dependent Care FSAs, and Limited Purpose FSAs 

The annual IRS limits for Healthcare FSAs and Limited Purpose Healthcare FSAs are $2,750 for 2021. The Dependent Care annual FSA limit remains at $5,000.*


2021 IRS Limits for Health Saving Accounts (HSA)* 

The annual IRS limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are increasing. The 2021 annual HSA limit for employees enrolled with individual medical coverage with the High Deductible PPO is $3,600; the limit for employees enrolled with family coverage in the High Deductible PPO is $7,200. Please note these limits include the College contribution ($750 for an individual; $1,500 for family coverage). This means that the maximum annual employee contribution to these plans for 2021 is $2,850 for individuals and $5,700 for family coverage. An additional contribution of $1,000 can be made by employees age 55+.


403(b) Contribution Limits for 2021*

  • The IRS annual voluntary contribution limit is remaining at $19,500 for 2021.
  • The annual catch-up contribution limit for eligible participants over age 50 remains at $6,500.
  • For participants over age 50, the combined elective deferral limit remains $26,000 in 2021.
  • The combined contributions limit (includes elective and non-elective deferrals and company matching contributions) is increasing to $58,000 ($64,500 inclusive of catch up contributions) for 2021.
  • The Section 457 plan limit remains at $19,500 for eligible participants.
  • The annual eligible compensation limit for retirement plans is $290,000.

Changes to Social Security Wage Base for 2021 *

The maximum amount of wages subject to the 6.2% Social Security tax is increasing to $142,800 in 2021.

*Based on information available as of 10/29/2020


Required Annual Medical Plan Notices


See the Medical Insurance Notices section on the Medical Insurance Notices webpage.




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