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Workday: What are some of the changes?




Transition to Workday  
  • Multiple Systems: Banner, PeopleAdmin, Cognos, Intellicheck
  • PeopleAdmin does not speak to other systems
  • Cumbersome business process flows
  • Paper forms / double entry
  • Compromised data accuracy and efficiency
  • HR/ Payroll and Finance uses the same, real-time data all accessed in one place
  • Transparent business processes
  • Visible, interactive, real-time organizational charts
  • Robust search options
  • Audit trail increases accountability
  • Inconsistent prompts for employees/managers to enter or approve time
  • No visibility to where requests are in the process- requests are often emailed or forms are used
  • Visibility to where requests are in approval process
  • Notifications for tasks that need action
  • Inbox actions for items such as time worked and vacation approvals
  • Notifications will  be sent to Emerson email with links to Workday
  • Many business reports manually generated in desktop shadow systems
  • Reports are not auto-updated
  • Data is difficult to find or not available
  • Auto-formatted data at the touch of a button
  • Data can be easily exported and formatted for additional analysis
  • Unified report environment
  • Robust reports and dashboards
  • Ability to drill to transaction detail, including scanned documents (invoices, expense report receipts etc.)


HR Changes:

  •  Benefits enrollment done manually
  • On-line benefits enrollment in Workday
  • View summary of benefit enrollments and total cost at any time
  • No internal application process
  • Manual letter generation and candidate contact
  • Dated candidate experience
  • New hire paperwork is completed manually
  • Employees can apply for open positions in Workday
  • New hires removed from applicant pool for other positions
  • Automatically declines remaining candidates when a position is filled
  • Generates customized offer letters
  • Candidates can apply and import details via LinkedIn
  • New hires can complete all their biographical, tax withholding elections, direct deposit, and acknowledge documents online
  • I9’s are initiated in Workday


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