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Q: What is Workday?

As of July 1, 2019, Workday is Emerson's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for HR, Payroll and Finance.

Workday replaces, Banner 9 for staff and faculty information, as well as People Admin for hiring and position management.

Workday is a modern, cloud-based software solution that addresses HR, payroll and financial needs. The software’s design will provide users with an intuitive experience. It will unify and simplify business processes eliminating redundant data entry. 

Through self-service, Workday puts information directly in the hands of designated users, allowing individuals to manage data. 

Q: Why are we changing our systems?

Our current systems are inflexible and unable to meet the needs of the college. The same information is housed in multiple places and resulting in duplicate efforts and contradicting data. Some of our systems consist of paper and spreadsheets.

Q: When we will start using Workday?

On July 1, 2019, we go live with:

HR & Payroll

  • Employee Self Service
  • Time Tracking
  • Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll


  • Expenses
  • Procurement
  • Budgets
  • Accounting
  • Revenue Management

Q: What are the benefits of Workday?

Workday is easy to use and has a more modern look and feel than Banner or PeopleAdmin.  It can be accessed and used wherever there is internet access. All employee data will now be in one system, and we will have consistent, real-time data.

With Self-Service, employees will be able to:

  • Enroll in benefits
  • Complete the onboarding process
  • Request Vacation, Personal and Sick time, as well as see balances
  • Keep personal information up to date
  • Submit expenses on time 
  • Find jobs and easily search for new openings within the college
  • Easily change direct deposit-accounts, change tax exemptions and add beneficiaries
  • Enter time

With Self-Service, managers will be able to:

    • Initiate and track employee changes
    • Push notifications to approve/ enter hours
    • Purchase items with greater efficiency and information
    • Access robust reporting
    • Identify when a charge hits a cost center and have visibility into what it was for
    • View and track P-Card activity


Q: Is Workday replacing Banner for good?

Workday is replacing Banner 9 as our Human Resource, Payroll and Finance System. Banner Student will remain as Emerson’s student information system.

Q: Will I get notifications in my Emerson mailbox from Workday?

You will be notified via email when there is an item requiring your attention or action in Workday. However, most organizations that utilize Workday find employees are so often in the systems that notifications eventually are turned off because people see the action items within their Workday Inbox.

Q: Will we still use People Admin?

The Workday tool replaces People Admin. Recruiting, hiring, onboarding and employee information will all move to Workday on July 1, 2019.

Performance evaluations will move to Workday in a later phase. More details to follow.

Q: If I still need Cognos /Banner for students transcripts and such, what will change?

Any use of Cognos or Banner for student access will remain the same.

Q:  Does Marketplace remain?

No, you will now access the same supplier catalogs through Workday with the added security of knowing these purchases are encumbered.

Q:  Will Wells Fargo CEO still be used for P-Card Reconciliation?

No, P-Card reconciliation will be completed in Workday.

Q:-What other personal information can be seen?

Employees can see each others contact information, their titles and where they are in their Org. chart. All confidential information will only be seen by the employee and the appropriate staff members in HR, Payroll and Finance.

Q:-Are pro-nouns viewable to others?

Publishing pro-nouns are not required by anyone at the college, this is an optional field. If an employee includes their pro-nouns they will be visible to HR, Payroll and Finance team.

Q:-Why do we need to declare citizenship status to make updates to personal information (pronouns)?

Citizenship status is a required field in the Personal Information application. When we go live, this information will be populated from what is declared on the employee's I-9 document they completed upon hire.

Q:-Will workday training be part of the new hire process/orientation?

Yes! Our team will continue to host ongoing training for all new hires, managers, faculty, and staff.

Q:- Can the org chart be downloaded?

Yes, like most pages and reports in Workday, the org chart can be both downloaded and printed.


Q: Will it be easier for candidates to apply for Emerson jobs?

Candidates will apply in Workday, via mobile device or desktop and can elect to use their LinkedIn profile or resume to expedite the application process. Internal candidates may also view and apply online.  There are future upgrades we are expected to launch that will further expedite the recruiting and hiring process for both hiring teams as well as candidates. We will keep you posted on those upgrades. 

Q: Will I know if an applicant to my position was hired into another open position on campus?

Yes.  In Workday, once a candidate is hired, Workday automatically takes the candidate out of the hiring pool for all other Emerson positions.

 Q: Will Workday eliminate all the on-boarding paperwork?

New hires will be able to complete their on-boarding within Workday!  Their personal information, tax forms, direct deposit, I-9 information and acknowledge documents will be completed prior to  Day One Orientation. They will even provide an ID photo so their Emerson ID will be waiting for them when they get here!



Q: Can I view my benefits in Workday?

 Yes!  You will be able to see the benefits listed below. 

Viewable in Workday Benefits:

  • Medical (including Health Savings Accounts) Enrollment
  • Dental Enrollment
  • Flexible Spending Accounts Enrollment
  • Life Insurance Coverage (enrollment automatic)
  • Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage (enrollment automatic)
  • 403b Enrollment

The following will show as deductions on the employee paychecks (varifying w/ payroll)

  • Subsidized Parking
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Tutition Benefit Associated CostFinance

WageWorks Transit & Parking Enrollment is visible on the WageWorks website.

Q: Will benefits enrollment be done in Workday?

Yes, you will be able to enroll in benefits in Workday. At any time you can view your elections and the associated costs. You may also make necessary changes to your benefits with any qualifying life event, and upload the supporting documentation.

Q:- Where do I find my wage works information?

All information that is handled by external vendors, Wageworks, TransAmerica will be managed with that vendor director. You can quickly access the information tied to those external vendors by accessing the links in the "benefits" application in Workday.


Q: Can I view transactions that are in process in Workday?

Workday supports a transparent business process flow. Once you start a business process, you can see the next step in the process and who is responsible for it, as well as the previous steps that have been completed.

There will be reports to show where in the business process a request is sitting. Requests may be sent to the originator with comments as to what is unclear, incorrect or missing. This reduces the room for inaccurate or incomplete information.  

There will be additional resources to help navigate the business process and the various steps of each process.  There will be notifications and emails as steps are completed to keep you updated, and there will be reminders to individuals who do not take action on their approvals to help push the process to completion.

Q: Who do we contact to fix issues found in Workday?

You may fix personal data yourself. For the items that need to be escalated, you may also put in a request for support via 

Financial or paycheck issues should be escalated to the Finance department

Q: Will I be trained to use Workday?

Training will be provided to all Emerson employees based on how they will use Workday.  There will be a combination of online learning resources, classroom and hands-on training.  Training will begin at the end of May and continue throughout the summer and fall.



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