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Workday Announcement from Lee Pelton

Date:  April 4, 2018, 9:45 AM

Subject: Workday Announcement

Sender: President Lee Pelton 

Receiver: Emerson Community 


Dear Emerson Faculty and Staff,

By now, many of you have heard about Workday coming to Emerson College. I am writing to let you know about our plans and the reasons why the College has chosen to implement the Workday solution.

Our current software provider Ellucian Banner announced that it would no longer provide software support for the version Emerson College uses for Finance and HR/Payroll, thereby leaving us with the decision to either upgrade Banner to a new version or evaluate other options.

Through a comprehensive needs analysis and competitive evaluation process, Emerson College selected Workday to provide Finance and Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll application services to the College, with a planned HCM/Payroll go-live 1/1/2019 and a planned Finance go-live 7/1/19.

Workday will simplify and make our complex administrative and business processes more accessible. Over the next eighteen months, we will implement the Workday solution for Financial Management and HCM. This next generation business system will enable Emerson College to improve the delivery of business services across finance and human resources functions.

A few things that we are very excited about and want to share:

  •        Workday will transform the way we do business. It will make our day-to-day interactions with systems and processes much easier.
  •        This transition will give us an opportunity to look at our policies and processes and work toward greater clarity and efficiencies.
  •        Our data will be cleaner, easier to access and will enable us to analyze it in a meaningful way.
  •        We will have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge technology.

Of course, these new processes will require that we learn new ways of accomplishing our day-to-day responsibilities. However, we are confident that our business transactions will be more efficient and effective.

During the implementation of Workday, we will hold informational meetings, including plans for Workday training.

We will update you soon about our Workday kick-off event as well as how you will be involved in its implementation.


Lee Pelton

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