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6 Business Days to Go!

Workday will Go Live with the Emerson Community on July 1st - only 6 business days from today!  Below is some information to help you prepare for that transition and to answer some questions that have come up in a variety of training sessions.

Restricted Banner and Cognos Report Access for Workday Cutover

Information Technology will impose the following restrictions for employee access to Banner functions and Cognos reports:

  • Banner 9 Admin Pages:

    • Banner Student will continue to function as normal for all administrative staff.

    • Finance, Payroll, and HR will continue to function for all administrative staff as is, for a limited time.

      • Once all FY19 accounting, invoice, W4, state tax, federal election and employee records adjustments are completed, user access for Finance, Payroll, and HR will be restricted to read-only.

      • Read-only access will be used to assist in historical data verification.

      • Several Finance users will keep their access to continue to maintain the Banner Chart of Accounts.

  • Self Service Banner (SSB)

    • SSB access for faculty and students will continue to function as normal.

    • All employee access to SSB, including timesheet entry, will be restricted to read-only starting at the end of the business day, June 25th.

  • Cognos Reports

    • Cognos reports will continue to function as normal for students and faculty.

    • Reports will continue to be available with the last report data refresh happening on June 30, 2019.

    • Beginning on July 1st, Cognos reports related to employee, finance and payroll are for historical data only.


Accounts Payable Calendar

The FY19 year-end cutoff for AP check payments has passed, but AP is continuing to process the backlog this week and next. In the event that you receive an unexpected FY19 invoice, please contact AP for instructions. After June 28, the next AP check run will be July 12th. Please plan accordingly.

Procurement, Accounts Payable & Expense Reporting Improvements via Workday include:

  • Vendor punch-out catalogs (today's "Marketplace") are now accessible through Workday requisitions and go through budget checking upfront—today, there is no budget checking.

  • Supporting documentation can be attached directly to the transaction, and are easily pulled up for review—today, Banner does not support attachments.

  • Requisitions will be the origin for 99% of external spending which will encumber funds giving departments better insight to financial commitments.

  • Payment request usage will be limited, and the forms will be routed within Workday for approval.

  • Workday supports multiple payment types, giving our vendors choices for faster payments and lower transaction costs for Emerson.

  • Vendor payment terms have been extended to Net 60 Days for most vendors without contracts. However, schools, associations, non-profits, etc., remain at Net 30.

  • Banner Requisitioners, Banner EPO users, and Marketplace users have been given the Workday requisitioner role. With the increased system controls in Workday, these individuals have the authority to spend up to $5,000 against their home cost center. Purchases over that, or to another cost center, require approval.

  • Pcard Reconciliation will happen in Workday using the Expense Report module. No more need for cardholders to log into Wells Fargo CEO system.

  • Pcard transactions will post to the department budgets upon approval. No more need to wait until the middle of the next month.

Tracking and Approving Time

There are several changes with how this will be done in Workday. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Non-exempt employees paid weekly must submit time each week.

  • Exempt employees paid semi-monthly, must either enter time off taken or affirm that they have not taken time off each week.

  • All submissions via Workday will route to managers for their approval. Employees must submit time by the end of their work week.

  • Managers must approve time submissions by noon on Monday for time worked, or taken off, the previous week.

  • Managers are able to return time sheets to employees for correction.

  • Exempt employees can take time off in full or half day increments. Non-exempt employees may take time in 15-minute increments.

  • Time off may be requested and approved in advance. Approved time will automatically be deducted from the available Time Off Balances.

  • Vacation, personal and sick time accrual balances will be reflected in HOURS, not DAYS.

  • Reports will be run and shared with leadership indicating employees who have not submitted time and managers who have not approved time.

  • Job aids will be available to all staff on July 1.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions (JDs) currently live in PeopleAdmin. The Workday JD format is a little different than PeopleAdmin. The HR Team is pulling the JDs from PeopleAdmin, reformatting them to the Workday template and then uploading to Workday. The JDs will not be in Workday immediately upon go live on July 1st. New and open positions will be reformatted in the new template starting July 1st. We will keep you apprised of our progress and when we expect all JDs to be uploaded in Workday.

Performance Evaluations

Since we are moving away from PeopleAdmin, performance evaluations will be completed and submitted THIS YEAR using a Word document. The form will be the same as the last two review cycles. You will receive further communication regarding this process and timeline in mid-July.

Training Efforts

Thank you for your wonderful response to our workshops so far! You can still enroll in any of the sessions by clicking on the appropriate link below:

There will be a break in trainings between June 24 and July 7, while we transition to Workday, so watch for details on upcoming sessions! We will also be offering several 'open labs' throughout the month of July for employees to stop in and ask questions, review a process, or just share feedback. Those lab times and locations will be communicated in future emails as well.

Thank you, Rob
Robert J. Butler, Jr.
Associate Vice President for Finance
Emerson College
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