Wellbeing Workshops

All staff and faculty are welcome to attend.  Registration is required for the events.

Energy Boosting Workout

January 23, 2024



Join in for a simple energy boosting workout. From simple stretches to short exercise bursts, this workout can help you stay energized all day!

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Healthy Eating For Le$$

January 29, 2024



In this webinar, learn tips and tricks for eating healthy on a budget. Learn about what to focus on in the weekly supermarket sales flyer. See which kinds of produce items are usually priced the best. Learn how unit pricing can change the way you shop. Discover the beauty of generic brands, and other helpful tips to help you save money on the foods that support vibrant health!

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Muscle Conditioning

February 12, 2024


Join us for a muscle conditioning class for the entire body (with the added benefit of deep core conditioning). This class utilizes light and heavy weights to target major muscle groups as well as loop bands and a fit ball (or substitute a firm pillow) as optional add-ons to define and deepen compound muscle movements!

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Unlocking Social Connection: The Key to Meaningful Relationships

February 27, 2024


Human beings are social creatures and the need for human connection is one of our mostpowerful drives. Discover how to find common ground and engage others in meaningfulways. Learn how to be mindful, practice the art of listening, create healthy boundaries,and show up with your authentic self. Together, we'll explore the concept of "socialcontagion" and uncover how you can make this work in your favor. Settle into the bestversion of yourself--extraverted or introverted, we all value our relationships and benefittremendously from deepening our connections.

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Healthy Sleep Habits

March 4, 2024



The importance of sleep should be a priority as proper sleep hygiene can impact one’sability to manage stress and time, defeat weight gain, and reduce the risk of someillnesses. Most individuals get less than the recommended 7-8 hours per night and sufferthe consequences each day. This webinar helps participants understand the importance of sleep and how they may be able to fit in the recommended amount.


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March 18, 2024


Deskercise is a form of exercise that can be done right at your desk to combat the effectsof long periods of sitting. It involves simple stretches and light bodyweight exercises designed to improve musculoskeletal health and promote overall well-being.


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For more information about these events, please submit a ticket to HR.

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