The objective of Wellness at Emerson is to help you to be happy, healthy, and productive.  Our offerings are designed to help improve areas such as financial, intellectual, and physical fitness.


All staff and faculty are welcome to attend.  Registration is required for the events.

Journey Meditation


12pm-12:30pm ET /

9am-9:30am PT

(Please note: the final session will be November 1)

A Journey Meditation instructor will lead you through a 30 minute rejuvenating and interactive session. Classes feature meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and more to help all humans live happier, healthier, less stressed lives. Sign up!

Life Balance

October 18

9:30am-10am ET /

6:30am-7am PT

With only 24 hours in a day, accomplishing a work-life balance is a constant process of juggling obligations at work and the needs of the family. Periodically taking a step back and analyzing how things are going, particularly in our changing society, can help you decide if any changes are needed. In this webinar, we will discuss work-life integration, the multiple spheres in which we participate and have commitments, and the ways in which we can approach work and home responsibilities in order to achieve better balance. Keeping these areas in balance will help you reduce stress and have a healthy family life, healthy relationships at work, and a sense of satisfaction about yourself. Sign up!

Home Buying Workshop

October 21

11am-12pm ET /

8am-9am PT

A representative from The Mortgage Network will discuss the climate of the current real estate market, the mortgage process, how and why to get pre-approved, and how to best position yourself for success in a competitive bidding environment.

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At Home Strength Training Made Simple

November 1

11:30am-12pm ET /

8:30am-9pm PT

Where do you start?  What equipment do you need at home that’s affordable and doesn’t take up too much space?  How often should you strength train at first and build up to? Get some tips on proper form and strength training at home! Learn why strength training is so important for physical health!

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Nourish Your Nervous System

November 30

11am-11:30am ET /

8am-8:30am PT

Our nervous systems are so very complex. They coordinate our actions and sensory information through signals. Learn about our nervous systems, why they are so important in balancing and nourishing our health.

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Get it Together: Creating Your Personal Plan for Stress Hardiness

December 6

10:30am-11am ET /

7:30am-8am PT

Being consistent in our self-care is challenging! When life gets busy, it can be difficult to keep up our healthy habits; those actions that nourish and sustain us throughout life's twists and turns.  Join us to create your personal self-care plan that will ensure you are not short-changing your own needs, while you are attending to all of your responsibilities.  Identify skills, strategies, supports, and outlets that will help you to achieve the relaxed, joyful life you are seeking.  Come in with an open mind and leave with a plan!

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How to Manage Your Time

December 14

12:30pm-1pm ET /

9:30am-10am PT

Do you frequently feel stressed because you have too much to do or have too many responsibilities?  Does it feel like you have more tasks to complete than time to do them? The solution is developing the skills to use our limited time to get things done in a more time efficient way. This is an important step in helping us lower our stress levels, get the necessary things done, and have more time to do those things we want to do. In this webinar, we will discuss the meaning of time management, why it is important, and how you can attain the outcomes you value the most.

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Live Webinars through New Directions

New Directions, Emerson’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers a wide array of organizational development webinars designed to improve your personal and professional lives.

These webinars offer an online virtual classroom for professional development, personal growth, and health-related topics.

Visit the New Directions- EAP page

For more information about these events, please submit a ticket to HR.

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