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The objective of Wellness @ Emerson is to help you to be happy, healthy, and productive.  Our offerings are designed to help improve areas such as financial, intellectual, and physical fitness.


All staff and faculty are welcome to attend.  Registration is required for the events.

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First Time Home Buying

(Group session)

A representative from The Mortgage Network will discuss:

  • the climate of the current real estate market
  • mortgage process
  • how and why to get pre-approved
  • how to best position yourself for success in a competitive bidding environment
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Blending For Health

A representative from Harvard Pilgrim will discuss:

  • blending and juicing 
  • combinations of fruits and vegetables
  • what you should avoid
  • and more!

Samples to taste and recipes to try at home included.

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Productivity: Busters & Boosters

A representative from Harvard Pilgrim will discuss:

  • the art and science behind forming habits
  • the factors that impede productivity
  • uncovering root causes of procrastination
  • time management and goal-setting skills
  • focus, follow-through, and achievement
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Preventing Burnout:

A Balanced Life

A representative from E4 Health will discuss:

  • identifying signs and symptoms of burnout
  • detecting burnout triggers
  • ways to regain enthusiasm and life-balance
  • becoming more conscious of your needs and motivators
  • the connection between physical and emotional needs and maintaining high performance
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Basics of Personal Finance

A representative from Metro Credit Union will help participants:

  • set personal finance goals
  • learn the basics of smart money management
  • build a solid financial foundation for the future
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Flex, Stretch & Strengthen

Take your fitness to a new level with Harvard Pilgrim:

  • work muscle groups in patterns that will condition you for real-life movements
  • stabilize joints, improve strength, and increase blood flow
  • combination of core, strength, flexibility, and agility training
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Caregiving 101

This session from Harvard Pilgram will discuss:

  • stress and demands - mentally, physically, emotionally - caregivers experience
  • focus on taking care of the caretaker
  • ways individuals can help themselves through the difficult ups and downs of helping others
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Live Webinars through E4 Health

E4 Health, Emerson’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers a wide array of organizational development webinars designed to improve your personal and professional lives.

These webinars offer an online virtual classroom for professional development, personal growth, and health-related topics.

Go to the E4 Health page

For more information about these events, please submit a request.

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