The objective of Wellness at Emerson is to help you to be happy, healthy, and productive.  Our offerings are designed to help improve areas such as financial, intellectual, and physical fitness.


All staff and faculty are welcome to attend.  Registration is required for the events.

Journey Meditation


12pm-12:30pm EST /

9am-9:30am PST

A Journey Meditation instructor will lead you through a 30 minute rejuvenating and interactive session. Classes feature meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and more to help all humans live happier, healthier, less stressed lives. Register here >>>

Fun in the Sun: Get Outside and Explore!

July 19, 2021

12:30pm-1pm EST /

9:30am-10am PST

Summer is finally here, and we finally get to spend time outside!  You know you feel better when you spend time outside, and more and more research is supporting this idea.  In this webinar we'll talk about several fun ideas for kids and the whole family to spend time outside. We'll discuss some safety tips, putting together your "look forward to" list, as well as other ideas to maximize your summer! Register here >>>

Fresh Herbs: Using and Saving

July 20, 2021

2pm-2:30pm EST /

11am-11:30am PST

Fresh herbs are a great way to add flavor and variety to your foods.  Growing your own herbs is easy and a good way to save a few bucks.  Learn how to incorporate fresh herbs into your cooking and different ways to preserve extra herbs you grow so you can enjoy the flavors year-round. Register here >>>

Importance of Hydration: Water, Water, Water

August 10, 2021

11am-11:30am EST /

8am-8:30am PST

Water, Water Everywhere but which one should I drink? Still water, Sparkling Water, Vitamin Water, Mineral Water, Ionized Water, Distilled Water, there are many choices available, learn what to look for when choosing your water. Register here >>>

Meal Prepping

August 16, 2021

12pm-12:30pm EST /

9am-9:30am PST

Wondering what to make for dinner? Wondering where to start? Join this webinar where we’ll discuss the steps needed to determine what’s for dinner! We will be addressing menu planning, grocery shopping, and making nutritious meals that are quick and easy! Register here >>>

Home Buying Workshop

October 21, 2021

11am-12pm EST /

8am-9am PST

A representative from The Mortgage Network will discuss the climate of the current real estate market, the mortgage process, how and why to get pre-approved, and how to best position yourself for success in a competitive bidding environment.

Register here >>>

Live Webinars through New Directions

New Directions, Emerson’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers a wide array of organizational development webinars designed to improve your personal and professional lives.

These webinars offer an online virtual classroom for professional development, personal growth, and health-related topics.

Go to the New Directions- EAP page

For more information about these events, please submit a request.

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