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How to Change a Work Space

What is a Work Space?

The Work Space is a staff or faculty's physical campus location. It is important to be correct because this information is fed to the College’s directory, used as your default for purchase requisitioning and most importantly, it is used in the event of an emergency for any building-specific communications, etc.


How do I Change My Work Space?

Staff and faculty are not able to change their own Work Space in Workday.  If an update needs to be made, please ask your manager.


Manager Instructions for Changing a Work Space


Search “Change Work Space” in the Workday search bar




Type desired name into the Worker field and click “Okay” at the bottom of the page




Enter the current date in the effective date field




Enter the desired Work Space in the Work Space field




Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page




What if the Work Space I need is not showing?

If a Work Space needs to be created, please email with all of the details.


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