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Refer a Candidate

Overview of Refer a Candidate

Workday allows you to refer candidates to open positions with the college. Follow these steps to refer a candidate.


  1. Select the Career application on your Workday homepage.

  2. Under Actions, select Refer a Candidate.

  3. Enter the following for the referral

    1. Country

    2. First Name

    3. Last Name

    4. Contact Information: Enter contact information for the referral

    5. Job Details: Select the Jobs to which you are referring this person. You may also refer them to Job Areas for the college.

    6. Relationship Details: Indicate how you know the referral.

  4. If available, select the drop-down options at the bottom of the page to indicate additional information on the referral.

  5. If available, attach the Resume and/or Cover Letter of the referral.

  6. Click Submit

What Happens Now?

An email will be sent to the address of the referral asking them to apply to the positions you indicated.

The referral’s record and application (once submitted) will also be available to the recruiter in Workday.

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