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Overview of Interviews in Workday

Follow the steps below to complete an Interview task in Workday.

Instructions for Interviews in Workday

  1. When a candidate has been moved to the Interview stage, a task will appear in the inbox of the hiring manager.

  2. After conducting interviews with the candidate outside of Workday, access the inbox task. Choose to either:

    1. Move Forward: Select the next stage for this candidate.

    2. Decline: Select your disposition reason.

What Happens Next?

If you moved the candidate forward, then the next steps in the process will trigger in Workday.

If you moved the candidate to Offer, then the Initiate Offer task will be in the recruiter’s inbox for next steps.

Please reach out to your recruiter to discuss and confirm offer steps.

Note: If you move the candidate to an additional Interview step, a new Interview task will be accessible in your Workday inbox.

If you declined the candidate, their candidate profile will still be available via the Candidates tab on the job requisition, filed under Inactive Candidates.

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