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Review a Candidate - Faculty

Overview for Review a Candidate Faculty 

This process explains how a candidate’s application will appear within the job requisition, the different parts of a job requisition, and how to advance the candidate to the next stage of the recruiting process or decline them.

Instructions for Reviewing a Faculty Candidate

  1. Select the Recruiting application on your Workday homepage.

  2. Under View options, select My Recruiting Job.

  3. Search for and select the statuses of Job Requisitions to review. You may also narrow the job requisitions to view by Hiring Manager.

  4. Click OK.

  5. A list of job requisitions will appear based on the criteria you indicated. The first column will indicate candidates in the Review stage, or those who have submitted their applications but have not been moved forward or declined yet.

  6. Select the link to the Job Requisition you want to review.

  7. Click through the different tabs to view different information about the requisition:

    1. Overview: Shows a pipeline of candidates by active stage and their source.

    2. Candidates: Or the Candidate Grid, shows information from the candidates’ applications. Click through the different tabs within the grid or the link of the candidates’ names to view more information about them and their application.

    3. Details: Shows information on the requisition such as job description, hiring requirements, job profile, exempt status, compensation, and the interview team.

    4. Organizations: Shows the Workday-assigned organizations to the position or job.

    5. Qualifications: Shows qualifications listed for the position, if any.

    6. Job Postings: Shows the postings for the requisitions and allows for those postings to be modified.

  8. From the candidate grid, click the Review button to the right of the candidate’s name to view their profile.

  9. Review the candidate’s profile and determine how to proceed with the candidate.

    1. General Information: Located at the top of the application page and includes contact information, source, and current stage.

    2. Overview: Information from the candidates’ application, such as their experience, resume & cover letter, skills, education, etc. This tab will also contain information on potential duplicate applications, and communication sent to the candidate within Workday.

    3. Questionnaire Results: Information from the application questionnaires. Under the Initial Application tab, this will also include the candidate’s indicated references.

    4. Attachments: Any attachments the candidate added to their application, such as their resume or cover letter.

    5. Personal Notes: Track notes on the candidate within their candidate profile. Note: information added to this section cannot be viewed by other users, but it is always “discoverable”.

  10. After reviewing the candidate’s profile, select one of the following actions for their application:

    1. Move Forward: Select Recommend for Consideration.

    2. Decline: Select the appropriate disposition reason.

What Happens Next

A Recommend for Consideration task for the candidate will appear in the inboxes of the Search Committee Members and Search Committee Chair.

When ready, use the Phone / Skype Interview button at the bottom of the task to advance the candidate to the appropriate next stage, or Decline them.

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