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Set Offer Status

Overview of Set Offer Status

This process serves to indicate whether an offer has been communicated verbally or in writing with the candidate. This process should be completed after the Interview stage and prior to an offer being communicated verbally and / or in writing.

Instructions for Set Offer Status

  1. From the Job Requisition Candidates Tab, or Search for the candidate’s profile using “cand: Candidate’s name".

  2. Select the candidate’s profile.

  3. From the Related Actions on the candidate’s profile, select Candidate Actions à Set Offer and Employment Agreement Status.

  4. Job Application: Select the Job Application whose offer status you will set. Will prepopulate if the candidate has only one application.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Offer Status: Select Verbal Offer or Written Offer.

    1. Select Verbal Offer if you will reach out or you would like the Recruiter to reach out to the candidate to put in a verbal offer.

    2. Select Written Offer if you have either already reached out with a verbal offer and are ready for the Recruiter to complete and send out the written offer.

  7. Click OK.

What Happens Next?

The status can be updated at any time by going through these indicated steps. The comments section should be used to help communicate between the Recruiter and Hiring Manager the specifics (i.e., when the verbal offer happened, what day one orientation to use)

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