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Screen Candidate - Student Workers

Overview of Screening a Student Worker Candidate

This process demonstrates the steps in Workday to screen a student worker candidate and how to advance or decline the candidate.

Instructions for Screening a Student Worker Candidate in Workday

  1. An Under Consideration task will appear in your inbox for the candidate.

  2. Within the inbox task, scroll down to the bottom of the task.

    1. Move Forward: Select the next step for the candidate.

    2. Decline: Select the appropriate disposition reason.

What Happens Next?

If you moved the candidate forward, you will receive an inbox task with the next step for that candidate.

Please refer to the following job aids to guide you through the next step for the candidate:

  • Interview: “Interview – Student Workers” job aid

  • Offer: “Offer – Student Workers” job aid

If you declined the candidate, their candidate profile will still be available via the Candidates tab on the job requisition, filed under Inactive Candidates.

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