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Add Academic Appointment

Overview of Adding an Academic Appointment

Use this guide to add an academic appointment for an academic appointee.

Instructions for Adding an Academic Appointment

  1. Search for and select Add Academic Appointment.

  2. Search for and select an Academic Appointee.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click into the fields to fill out the following Appointment Information:

    1. Start Date: Choose the correct date.

    2. Academic Unit: Select the academic unit to which the appointee will belong.

    3. Employment Position: Choose an employment position from the dropdown.

    4. Track Type: Select a track type such as: Tenure/Tenure Track, Term, or Emeritus.

    5. Track Type Category: Prepopulates from the Track Type selected

    6. Reason: Enter a reason for adding an appointment from the dropdown list.

    7. Rank (Will appear after Track Type) is selected: Enter the rank of the given Track Type.

    8. Named Professorship: Choose a named professorship from the dropdown, if appropriate.

    9. Appointment Specialty: Select an academic specialty from the dropdown list, if available and applicable.

    10. Title: Will default based on the Track Type and Rank, but it is editable.

    11. End Date: Enter an end date for the appointment, if appropriate.

    12. Identifier: Indicate whether the position is P -Primary or S - Secondary.

    13. Roster Percent: Enter the percentage of the appointee’s total time that this appointment represents. This will prepopulate, but it is editable.

    14. Related Academic Unit: Search for and select a related academic unit if appropriate.

  5. Click on the arrow to add Additional Appointment Information:

    1. Adjusted Title Start Date: Choose the correct date.

    2. Academic Review Date: Choose the correct date. This field is not available for all Track Types.

    3. Track Start Date (Override): Choose the correct override date.

  6. If Tenure / Tenure Track is selected as the Track Type, additional fields will be available in the upper-right part of the page to complete.

    1. Tenure Home: The Academic Unit where the tenure applies.

    2. Tenure Status: Select the appropriate status of the tenure.

    3. Probationary End Date: If applicable, enter the end date of the probationary period.

  7. When finished, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

What Happens Next?

The academic appointment is now complete.

The next steps in the process will automatically route to the inbox of the appropriate user.


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