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Create Named Professorship - Faculty

Overview of Creating a Named Professorship

Follow the instructions below to create a named professorship.

Instructions for Creating a Named Professorship

  1. Initiate the Create Named Professorship task by typing in the Search

  2. Click each field to enter the following information:

    1. Gift: Select the correct gift.

    2. Professorship Name: Select the correct professorship.

    3. Initially Established: Enter the date that the professorship was established.

  3. Click each field to complete the task:

    1. Gift: This will default.

    2. Reason: Enter the reason for creating the professorship.

    3. Professorship Name: This will default.

    4. Title: This will default from the professorship name.

    5. Code:

    6. Include Code in Display Name:

    7. Academic Unit: Select the correct academic unit.

    8. Term Limits (in months): Enter the term limits, if applicable.

    9. Initially Established: This will default.

    10. Initially Available: Enter the date the professorship can first be filled.

    11. Appointment Restrictions: Enter restrictions for the professorship, if applicable.

  4. Click Submit.

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