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Create a Job Requisition – Student Workers

Overview of Creating Job Requisitions for Student Workers

A job requisition is the start of the recruitment process. Follow the steps to initiate a job requisition and understand their approval process.

Instructions for Creating a Job Requisition for Student Workers

  1. Select the Recruiting application on your Workday homepage.

  2. Select Create Job Requisition.

  3. Choose One of Two Options:

    1. Copy Details from Existing Requisition: Will allow you to pre-populate this requisition with the information from one previously created. This is optional.

    2. Supervisory Organization: If you do not supervise staff members, this will default for you. If you supervise students and staff, type in student to generate the appropriate supervisory organization.

  4. Worker Type: will default to Employee

  5. Click OK.

  6. Recruiting Information: Click into the form to fill out the following fields:

    1. Number of Openings Enter the total number of students that you would like to hire for this position.

    2. Reason: Select Recruiting à Student Position.

    3. Recruiting Start Date: Enter when recruiting can begin for the requisition.

    4. Target Hire Date: Enter the desired date that this job will be filled.

    5. Target End Date: Enter when recruiting is expected to end for this requisition should it not be filled.

    6. Click Next.

  7. Job Details: Click into the form and fill out the following fields:

    1. Job Posting Title: The business title of the job.

    2. Job Profile: Search for and select the appropriate job profile which will correspond to the job. If you already know which job profile to use, you can type this as well.

    3. Job Description Summary: Enter as needed.

    4. Job Description: The description that will appear on the appropriate career sites.

    5. Additional Job Description: Enter as needed.

    6. Worker Sub-Type: Select the appropriate worker sub-type - Student (Fixed Term).

    7. Time Type: Will prepopulate based on the supervisory organization.

    8. Primary Location: Will prepopulate based on the supervisory organization, but can be edited. *Netherlands hires must be changed to Boston in order for I-9 to trigger.

    9. Primary Job Posting Location: Will prepopulate based on the supervisory organization, but can be edited. *Netherlands hires should enter Netherlands.

    10. Scheduled Weekly Hours: Change this to 1. If not changed, you will receive an error upon submitting the requisition to change this field.

    11. Click Next.

  8. Organizations: Click into the fields to fill out as required:

    1. Company: EM Emerson College.

    2. Cost Center: Search for and select the cost center for the job.

    3. Costing: Information should populate once you enter cost center information.

    4. Other organization types: Indicate as required for the job. If this position will be a FWS only or a grant funded position, select the appropriate Position Type. If the position is open to all students, please leave this field blank.

    5. Click Next.

  9. Compensation details: Fill in as required:

    1. Compensation Plan: Defaults to Hourly Plan.

    2. Amount: Enter the hourly pay for the job. Pay must be within the pay range for this position.

    3. Currency: Will default to USD.

    4. Frequency: Will default to Hourly.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Review the details of the requisition. Click Submit.

What Happens Next?

Requisitions for student workers will route to Student Employment for review and approval.

Student Employment will also post the job requisition on the internal student career site.

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