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Edit, or Close Job Requisition

Overview of Editing or Closing a Job Requisition

Follow these steps if you need to:

  • Make changes to an existing job requisition.

  • Freeze a job requisition so that it is currently not available for recruitment. (See Recruiter)

  • Close a job requisition that will no longer be used for recruiting.

Please note that there is a difference between Closing and Freezing a Job Requisition. Closing a Job Requisition closes it permanently, where as a Frozen Job Requisition is not a permanent action and can be undone. 

Instructions for Editing a Job Requisition 

  1. Select the Recruiting application on your Workday homepage.

  2. Under View options, select Job Requisition.

  3. Search for and select the applicable Job Requisition.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click the Related Action button at the top of the page. Select Job Change à Edit Job Requisition.

  6. Click into the form. Choose the edit Reason.

  7. Click through the different parts of the job requisition on the left of the page or use the Next button to edit the necessary fields.

  8. On the Summary page, review all edits. Click Submit. Depending on what is edited, the job requisition may go through additional approvals.

Instructions for Closing a Job Requisition 

Use this task to close a job requisition that is no longer being recruited for, or when the position for the requisition is closing.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 in Edit Job Requisition to access the requisition to close it.

  2. Click the Related Action button at the top of the page. Select Job Change a Close Job Requisition.

  3. Reason: Select the reason for closing the requisition.

  4. Close Date: When the requisition will close.

  5. Close Unfilled Positions: Check this box if you would like to close the associated position(s).

  6. Review all information. Click Submit.

What Happens Next?

If there are any active postings for the job req, this task will automatically unpost them.

 When edits are presented, it will then thread to the various approvals before reaching the recruiter to repost.

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