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Reference Check - Staff

Overview of Reference Checks

 This will help you learn how to find the references your candidate provided in workday.

Instructions for finding Reference Checks

  1. Find Candidate 


  3. Select Reference Check (Note: If you don't see Reference Check as an option for your Candidate, they have not progressed far enough in the process within Workday, please move Candidate forward).

  4. Once Reference Check is selected an email will be sent to the Candidate automatically requesting three professional references. 

  5. Candidate responses can be found under their Candidate Profile within workday under the tab Questionnaire Results. You should then see the Reference Check tab.


What Happens Next?

After Reference Checks are done with the names provided outside of workday we would move forward to Offer.

Note: If you moved the candidate to Offer, then the Initiate Offer task will be in the recruiter’s inbox for next steps.


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