Finding Job Descriptions Within Workday

Overview of Finding Job Descriptions Within Workday

Job descriptions are needed for a variety of reasons in daily life.  When Workday went live in July 2019; job descriptions were not pre-loaded into the system.  Please follow the instructions below to see job descriptions from 7/1/2019 and beyond.  If a job description is needed from before 7/1/2019, please submit a request, using the link above.

Instructions for Finding Job Descriptions Within Workday

  1. Log into Workday

  2. Click on My Team application

  3. Select the Sup Org where the position lives

  4. Click on the Position

  5. Click on the Position Restrictions

  6. Select the Requisitions tab

  7. Select theJR###### link

  8. Select the Details tab


  1. Log into Workday

  2. Search for the individual using the search bar

  3. Click on the position number

  4. Select Position Restrictions 

  5. Select the Requisitions Tab

  6. Select the JR00#### Title (Filled) link

  7. Select the Details tab to see the job description  

If you don't see a Requisitions Tab within your Position Restrictions please reach out to or click above to submit a request. 

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