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Upload Final Review Into Workday

Congrats!  You have completed the first three steps of the 2019-2020 Performance Review process.  Your last step is to upload your final review document into Workday.

Quick Review

Please make sure that:

  • both the self-review questions have been answered.
  • both manager questions have been answered.
  • rating box is checked off


By uploading the review into Workday, you confirm that:

  • you and your manager have  met and discussed your review

Instructions on How to Upload into Workday

  • Log into Workday
  • Click the Personal Information worklet
  • Under View, click Worker Documents


  • Select your file to upload
  • Document Category = Performance
  • Click Ok


Congrats!  Now you have completed ALL of the steps for the 2019-2020 Performance Review process!





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