2019-2020 Annual Review

Feedback on employee performance is a critical part of engaging and supporting individual employees and growing the skills of our staff to make a more successful Emerson College.  We know that everyone is very busy and times are challenging as we prepare for the return of students on campus. Additionally, we know that some of the necessary cost-cutting measures, including the elimination of salary increases this year, are frustrating for everyone.  We want to balance the importance of feedback on employee performance with all of the other priorities we are facing.  

Performance Review Process 


Similar to last year, employees will be asked to complete their self-review and submit to their managers for feedback.  

Step 1:  Employee completes their self-review.   August 3 - August 23

Step 2:  Manager will complete their feedback section of the review.  August 24 - September 13

Step 3:  Manager and Employee will meet to have their 1:1 conversation  September 14 - October 14

Step 4:  Employee will upload the completed review into Workday. October 15

The timeframe suggested is a guide.  If employees and managers have the ability to complete all steps prior to October 15, please do so!   


  • Review your job description as you prepare to write your self-review. If you need a copy of your job description, please email hr@emerson.edu.
  • Review the Tips for Writing Your Self-Review
  • Answer the two questions 
  • Forward the form to your manager so they can add their comments/feedback.  You can do this via email or share a Google Doc link.
  • After 1:1 face to face discussion, upload the final review into Workday



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