Tips for Writing Your Self-Review

Preparing to Write Your Self-Review

  • Write out your list of accomplishments, brainstorm using your calendar, etc for reminders of what took place over the past year
  • Gather analytics if you can, facts, figures, feedback from others (including Thank You notes)
  • Write out your list of struggles - important to show you recognize your on the job challenges

Tips for Writing Your Self-Review

Once you have compiled your list of accomplishments, analytics, and your struggles:

Highlight and Prioritize

  • Narrow your accomplishments and highlight your best work.
  • Include a narrative about why you are proud of it, what impact it had, and how it aligned with individual or team goals

Stay Positive

  • Use positive language, even when talking about challenges.
  • The goal isn't to call attention to "failures" but rather to show your willingness to grow.
  • Use "I" statements and include steps you've taken to address the challenge.

Look for Growth Opportunities

  • Both our successes and our challenges provide these developmental opportunities.
  • Performance discussions should be future-oriented and developmental.

Once you've completed your portion of the review, please email the form to your manager as an attachment or as a Google Doc link.



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