Tips for Writing Your Self-Review

Preparing to Write Your Self-Review

  • Review your completed Performance Conversations. The performance conversations aim to increase timely feedback and encourage ongoing conversations between employees and managers. As you write your performance review, consider and include information on how you have progressed from month to month.
  • Write out your list of accomplishments, brainstorm using your calendar, etc for reminders of what took place over the past year.
  • Gather analytics if you can, facts, figures, and feedback from others (including Thank You notes).
  • Write out your list of struggles - important to show you recognize your on-the-job challenges.

Tips for Writing Your Self-Review

Once you have compiled your list of accomplishments, analytics, and struggles:

Highlight and Prioritize

  • Narrow your accomplishments and highlight your best work.
  • Include a narrative about why you are proud of it, what impact it had, and how it aligned with individual or team goals

Stay Positive

  • Use positive language, even when talking about challenges.
  • The goal isn't to call attention to "failures" but rather to show your willingness to grow.
  • Use "I" statements and include steps you've taken to address the challenge.

Look for Growth Opportunities

  • Both our successes and our challenges provide these developmental opportunities.
  • Performance discussions should be future-oriented and developmental.

Once you've completed your portion of the review, please email the form to your manager as an attachment or as a Google Doc link.



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