1:1 Performance Review Meetings

Setting the Stage for 1:1 Meeting

  • Understand that receiving feedback is stressful for people.
    • Average monthly searches on Google for "How to give feedback" - 1,600
    • Average monthly searches on Google for "How to receive feedback" - 210
  • Minimize reluctance
    • Recognize that these meetings can be stressful for all involved
    • Encourage two-way conversations 
    • Outline how the meeting with go
  • Joint commitment 
    • Highlight the purpose is to recognize success and plan improvement where necessary


During the 1:1 Meeting

  • Discuss actual performance data and behaviors. Use examples.
  • Compare performance with responsibilities and goals.
  • Maintain a positive focus.
  • Focus on solving problems, not on finding fault.
  • Provide recognition.
  • Discuss specific actions for both manager and employee to take.
  • Express confidence.

After the 1:1 Meeting

  • Check in with each other to see if there is any additional feedback or thoughts that you want to share (Remember! People need time to process.)
  • Schedule a follow-up discussion to close the loop on any action items that came up during the review discussion.

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