Instructions: Ending VRWSS

Thank you for participating in the Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule and Salary program. 

It is greatly appreciated!  

Employees are responsible for working with their managers to end the reduction after the minimum time frame has been met.  It is recommended that employees and managers schedule time together to submit the change in Workday by the dates below. 

No retroactive adjustments will be made due to a missed deadline.

HR will process these requests as they come through Workday and according to the table below.


Manager submits in Workday by:

HR will make effective


20th of month

1st of next month


Tuesday (of any week)

Following Monday pay period start date


Workday Instructions 

You will want to follow very these carefully!

1.  Manager logs into Workday

2.  Search for and select the employee from the search bar. 

3.  Click on the Actions button

4.  Select the Change Job task

5.  An additional field will appear if the employee has more than one job; select the Job to change.

6.  Click OK.

7.  Click into the form to begin filling out the following:

  • Data Changes: Choose End Voluntary Reduction reason.
    • When do you want this change to take effect? Workday defaults to the start of the next pay period. Choose a future date if the change will be after the next pay period. Retroactive, next-business-day, and/or same-week changes are not accepted. Please refer to the schedule above for effective dates.
    • Why are you making this change? Select the table of contents icon and select the appropriate reason, or type Voluntary into the empty bar:


  • Who will be the manager after this change? This will default to yourself, please skip.
  • Which team will this person be on after this change? This will default to your team. Please skip.
  • Do you want to use the next pay period? If checked, the change will take effect on the first day of the next pay period and the date of the change will auto adjust. Leave unchecked if a future date is not the next pay period. Please refer to the schedule above for effective dates.
  • Click Start.

8.  Position information: None of the below information is changing, please skip.

9.  Job Profile information: Please skip 

10.  Business Title: Please skip

11.  Click Next.

12.  Location details: Change the Scheduled Weekly Hours back to non-reduced work hours.  Most full-time employees are 36.25 hours.   Please note - work shift only applies to ECPD and Facilities.

13.  Click Next.

14.  Details: Confirm the details for the position are accurate. 

15.  Click Next.

16.  Organizations: Please skip the following fields: 

  • Company
  • Cost Center
  • Costing
  • Other organization types

17.  Click Next  

18.  Compensation: Please skip the following fields:

  • Employee Visibility Date
  • Salary or Hourly
  • Allowance Plan

19.  Click Next.

20.  Review all details of the job change and click Submit


What Happens Next?

After submission, the form will go to HR for review and approval.  Employee and Manager will be able to see the update in Workday once approved.

Additional Information

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