Instructions: Starting VRWSS

Thank you for your interest and commitment to this program!

Step 1:

All Employees should review the Employee Considerations in the Voluntary Reduction Plan Overview and have answers to all of the considerations to discuss with your manager.  If you do not have work that can be shifted or postponed, you will not be able to participate in the program at this time.  We will send out an email each month reminding people of upcoming sign-up dates. 

Step 2:

Discuss your request with your manager.  The discussion should include:

  • The duration of the reduction.  The reduction is a minimum of two consecutive months (exempt) or eight consecutive weeks (non-exempt) and can last through the last pay period of the fiscal year 2020-2021.  Please view the Effective Dates for Starting a Reduction.
  • Percentage tier of reduction and employee considerations.  See outline in the Plan Overview.
  • How will your workload be reduced during this time?  
  • What work should be prioritized and what work can be shifted to a later time?
  • How non-work time will be communicated to the team?

After the discussion, it is recommended that the employee puts the agreement into an email and sends it to their manager.  The manager should respond with their approval and that they discussed it with their Vice President.  In Step 3, the employee will need to upload manager approval into the request form.

Step 3:

Submit your request form.  This will include uploading your manager’s approval and selecting the date you’d like the reduction to begin.

Reminder:  After your initial reduction period, it is your responsibility to work with your manager to end the reduction.  Please view the Instructions for Ending VRWSS.


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