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Finding Job Requisitions

Overview of Finding Job Requisitions

This article will teach you how to find a recently posted Job Requisition inside Workday so you can check on the progress of the applicants and people you are considering for hire, along with general information about the newly posted position. 

Note: The posting of a vacant position can only be done if there is a Job Requisition. 

Often managers want other individuals to have access to the Job Requisition. Non-hiring managers can find the Job Requisition by searching in the search bar using "JR:" and a keyword related to the Job Requisition or the JR number. The JR number should be seven digits. 



  1. Click on the Recruiting Application.

  2. Click on either My Recruiting Jobs or Job Requisitions, pick whichever one works best for you.

    1.  My Recruiting Jobs: searches by Hiring Manager name.

    2. Job Requisitions: searches by keyword search.

  3. Once you've found the position/job requisition you are looking for click it.

  4. Inside the Job Requisition there are many tools to help you learn more about your job posting.

  5. There are several tab categories you can choose from.

    1. Overview: Specific picture showing overall progress and process.  

    2. Candidates: Shows Candidates who have applied. 

    3. Details: Shows you the specifics of the job requisition from when you initiated the process. 

    4. Organizations: Ignore. 

    5. Qualifications: Ignore. 

    6. Job Postings: Shows you where the job requisition is viewable. 

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