Editing Evergreen Job Requisitions

Evergreen Job Requisitions are additional options that the College Recruiters have to create more generic recruitment postings to help link multiple vacancies/positions together. For example, if you have three data-entry positions, and one front desk position vacant, it may be helpful to use an Evergreen JR. It would allow you to use the one Evergreen from which to manage all the candidates, rather than three individual job requisitions. Please feel free to click the request button above to see if this is the right option for your team and/or department and learn more about it.


  1. Log into Workday and use our guide on Finding Job Requisitions to find your Evergreen Job Requisition

  2. Click on the Action Button next to the Job Title

  3. Find "Job Change" on the Menu and Use it to access a second sub menu

  4. Click on where it says "Edit Evergreen Requisitions"

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