Recruiting Application

Within Workday, there is the Recruiting Application that will be the main resource when handling your recruitment work.  

Instructions to find the Recruiting Application

  1. Log into Workday 
  2. Click on the Purple Recruiting Application in the menu


What Happens Next?

The Recruiting Application will open and the information below should be available for resources and/or use.  Please remember, if you are not a hiring manager and have not been added to the Job Requisition for which you are a search member, you will not see the pertinent information you need.

Information Available within the Recruiting Application

There are three main sections within the Recruiting Application (Fig. 1)

  • Recruiting Actions - this section stores items for which you can take action

  • Recruiting Views - This section stores items for which you can view key information and reports

  • Recent Job Requisitions - This section stores recently completed Job Requisitions for quicker access


Recruiting Actions

These are the various recruiting actions you can take from within Workday to ensure a successful recruiting process and proactive actions to ensure a large candidate pool. (Fig. 2)

These actions include:
  • Create Job Requisition - Where you can begin the Job Requisition approval process after the Job description has been reviewed

  • Create Evergreen Requisition - This is a highly specialized option that is used for constant openings on campus. 

    •  Very few hiring managers will have a need for this feature.  

    • Please speak with your Talent Acquisitions Specialist to learn more.

  • Create Prospect - This tool allows you to add individuals to the site for future reference.  Super helpful for all areas of the College and all hiring managers.

  • Find Candidates - You can do a search amongst all applications on keywords, concepts, requirements to see what additional candidate might be of interest to your Job Requisitions unfilled position

  • My Candidates - This shows you all previous candidates from all your past job requisitions.

  • Withdraw Application - Use this button to withdraw your personal application(s) 

  • Create Candidate Pool - This feature allows you to create a specific pool of candidates for your unique staffing needs prior to having the vacancy. 

    • Many hiring managers find this feature helpful.

    • Please speak with your Talent Acquisitions Specialist to learn more if interested in this feature.

  • Invite to Apply - This is an action that is specific only to Recruiter Roles, which enables invitations to be sent to Prospects and other candidates to apply for Job Requisitions for which they have not yet applied.

Recruiting Views

These are the various recruiting reports.  Please be sure to select the correct supervisory organization (sup org) as many managers have two. 
  • My Recruiting Jobs: Find all Job Requisitions by specific hiring manager

  • Job Requisition: Find a Job Requisition by keyword search

  • View Evergreen Requisition: Find an Evergreen by keyword search

    • Please remember this feature will be used by very few managers due to the highly specified nature of so many of our positions

  • Referrals: Find past referral information

  • Manage Recruiter Workload: HR specific report to ensure recruiting tasks are completed


Fig. 1



Fig. 2



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