Monthly Conversations

Monthly Conversations are a new way of thinking about professional development and performance. The HR team has built an easy process for giving and receiving rapid feedback throughout the year. We believe that employees can grow, improve, and advance best when they have consistent conversations with their managers about how they’re performing. It’s easy for day-to-day tasks to dominate the conversations we have with our supervisors, leaving little time to get on the same page regarding how we’re doing and what we can do to grow.

What are Monthly Conversations?

Monthly Conversations are four-question conversations between an employee and their manager. We’ll be asking you to discuss these four questions every month going forward. You will be able to log notes in Workday so that you can remember what’s discussed each month and track your progress over time! Each month’s discussion should take ~15 minutes to complete. The goal is increased alignment between you as an employee and your supervisor.  These conversations should not replace any ongoing meetings you currently have to discuss priorities, areas of improvement, etc. but can improve and enhance those conversations.


How to Have Monthly Conversations

There are two components of the Monthly Conversations.

  • Conversation between you and your manager. View our Conversation Format Guide.
  • Entering the conversation notes in Workday.  
  • Please note: managers cannot enter notes into Workday until their employee has done their part. This puts ownership on both the employee and the manager to ensure this process is getting done each month.


A new monthly conversation will kick off on the first of each month.  The questions and format remain the same.  You’ll receive an email and Workday notifications when you can begin the new conversation.  Workday will automatically close out the conversation at the end of each month, whether you’ve completed the steps or not. 

Summer Performance Reviews

For Summer 2021, formal performance reviews will be optional, with monthly conversations taking their place. If staff feel strongly that they would prefer a summer review, they will have the option to fill one out and submit it to HR when complete. If they prefer, they can begin having Monthly Conversations and forgo this year’s performance review.

Task Force

HR’s Learning & Development team worked with a cross-functional task force called the Performance Task Force in late 2019-early 2020 to discuss how to revolutionize performance at Emerson to meet the needs of our workforce. The group agreed that more frequent feedback, and a process that’s much easier and lighter than the formality of an annual review, would best suit the needs of staff, and Monthly Conversations took off from there.


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