Monthly Conversations in Workday

Monthly Conversations are four-question conversations between an employee and their manager. We’ll be asking you to discuss these four questions every month going forward. You will be able to log notes in Workday so that you can remember what’s discussed each month and track your progress over time! Each month’s discussion should take ~15 minutes to complete.  

Plan with your manager about how and when you’ll have this month’s conversation. Our recommendation is to use an existing 1x1 meeting, reserving about 15 minutes for this conversation about your performance.  You have the ability to have a face-to-face conversation first or type your notes into Workday first.  It is up to you as long as both parts get completed. Please note: managers cannot enter notes into Workday until their employee has done their part.


Employee Initiates 

Watch our video example of the employee step in Workday.

Staff employees will receive a task in their inbox to complete their Self Evaluation.


Select Guided Editor or Summary Editor.  Because the Check-In is only one section of questions, both options are the same process.  


You will see the questions you need to answer.   Click on the Answer or Pencil icon to type your responses.  All questions need to be answered in order for you to submit.  Please note: your manager cannot enter notes into Workday until you have done your part.


Click submit once you have answered all of the questions.  The final question will ask if you have had your face-to-face conversation with your manager.  It is imperative that you and your manager are not just typing your answers into Workday.  

Manager Portion 

Watch our video example of the manager step in Workday.

Managers will receive the Complete Manager evaluation step once their employee submits their Monthly Check-In. Please note: Managers cannot enter their comments until the employee has completed their step.


Managers will make comments on each of the questions their employee has answered.  Managers will see their employees’ answers side by side with their responses for ease of use. Managers cannot click into the Employee Evaluation section and change any responses.


Once the manager is ready they can review and submit their responses.  All questions must be answered in order to submit.

Review Completed 

Watch our video example of reviewing completed conversations.

Employees can view completed Monthly Conversations. The most recent will be at top of the list. From the Workday home page, click on your profile. Select Performance from the left menu.


Managers can see past conversations for their employees as well. From the Workday home page, enter the employee's name into the search bar.  Click on their profile and select Performance from the left menu.

Edit or Update 

An open Monthly Conversation can be updated.  "Open" means:

  • the manager has not yet submitted their comments, and
  • the month has not yet ended. 

The manager has the ability to send the monthly conversation back to the employee to make edits. An employee does not have the ability to make edits until the manager sends it back.

closed Monthly Conversation cannot be updated by either the manager or the employee.  Closed means:

  • All steps have been completed
  • the month has ended

Manager Instructions

  • Log into Workday Search for and open your employee’s profile
  • Click on the “Performance” section on the left side of the profile
  • Select the desired Monthly Conversation link 
  • In that monthly conversation, click the Monthly Conversation step under “My Actions” → Awaiting Me”


  • Click on either the Guided or Summary Editor
  • Select the “Send Back” button


  • Enter brief text in the “Reason” box, and then click “Submit” 


  • It will then appear in the employee’s inbox to edit and resubmit.





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