Open Enrollment - Workday Instructions

To access Workday, type into your browser. If you need more help, you can always read Using Workday on our website.

(Note: It is not recommended to use Internet Explorer for Workday Open Enrollment. Instead, use an alternate browser.)


  1. On Monday, November 7, by 10 a.m., an “Open Enrollment Change” event will appear in your Workday inbox.
  2. Click on the event to begin making your Open Enrollment elections.
  3. On the Open Enrollment home page*, you will see Medical, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Accounts (Healthcare, Dependent Care and Limited Purpose) and Health Savings Account sections, based on your eligibility. 
  4. To make changes to your benefits or newly enroll, click the “Manage” or “Enroll” button under each benefit. 
  5. If eligible, you will also see Life Insurance at the bottom of the Open Enrollment page. If you wish to see/add/change your life insurance beneficiaries, click “Manage” under Life Insurance, and follow directions on the page.
  6. On each benefit page, you will find instructions on the right-hand side of the page. Please ignore the “Important Information” section at the top of the instruction page (this is Workday language that is confusing, but that we are unable to remove). Instead, see the information under “General Instructions.”
  7. Once your enrollment is complete, select “Review and Sign” at the bottom of the page. Make sure to review the benefits elections on the “View Summary” page (including checking to make sure all covered dependents are listed), and then “Submit” your elections at the bottom (note that you will need to click on the “I Accept” button first).
  8. On the “Submitted” page, please make sure to click on “View 2023 Benefits Statement,” and then download and/or print a copy of your statement.
  9. If at any point you wish to leave Open Enrollment before submitting, but want to save your elections for your return, click on “Save for Later”.  This will keep the “Open Enrollment Change” event in your Workday inbox for your return to complete your enrollment.
  10. If after you submit your enrollment (when your “Open Enrollment Change” event will no longer appear in your inbox), you wish to make a change (by November 23), from your Workday home page click on Benefits>Change Open Enrollment from your Workday home page.

*If you first are brought to a page titled “Dependents Missing Social Security Numbers” this means that ssns for one or more of your dependents currently covered under the medical plan is missing. Please enter the ssn(s) before continuing with enrollment. 

If you have any questions about the open enrollment process in Workday please submit a ticket.

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