2021-2022 Compensation Study

Emerson College has engaged CBIZ Talent and Compensation Solutions to assist us in a study of our current compensation and classifications of jobs.

Our compensation program was last reviewed in 2017, more than 4 years ago. Emerson did a lot of very hard work at that time to move our internal compensation structure and align to a 40th percentile structure ensuring equity and market competitiveness. The job market and Emerson have changed a lot over the past 4 years and we believe that, particularly given today’s current environment, it is time to once again look closely at our philosophy and compensation practices in order to remain competitive and nimble. While we work hard to maintain internal equity, align titles across the institution, and pay competitively, we believe that we can continually improve on the current practices.


In partnership with CBIZ and with your input, our goals are to:

  • Review and update our compensation philosophy and, importantly, align the compensation structure to the adopted philosophy
  • Analyze what our competitors pay for similar skills and responsibilities
  • Assess the current grade structure, job placement in grade and consistent use of titles
  • Continue to and improve on our systematic and data-driven approach to compensation
  • Look at internal equity for employees who are similarly situated
  • Revamp and update all job descriptions to include accurate job responsibilities and inclusive language
  • Refine our existing strategy to continue to respond to economic, political and organizational changes


  • Human Resources has provided our job descriptions to CBIZ for their review.
  • Your input is crucial to make sure there is a clear understanding of the specific work you perform. On or around November 16 you will be receiving an email from Human Resources via noreply@qemailserver.com, which will contain instructions on how to participate in an online job analysis questionnaire (JAQ). The JAQ is a structured process to gather job-specific details from job incumbents. This is a critical step and your opportunity to participate in the process. CBIZ will be initiating, collecting and synthesizing all the information you provide on the job analysis questionnaire.
  • We anticipate the job description project will take up to six months.
  • CBIZ will produce a report that will include recommended next steps.  We will work with President's Council and together decide on the appropriate way forward.
  • We commit to sharing updates with the community through this process.
  • You may be wondering how this significant project is likely to impact you. There are several possible outcomes. Grade ranges and associated jobs may shift. Job descriptions may be more accurate in reflecting responsibilities. Titles and responsibilities may be better aligned to one another. This does not necessarily mean that individuals will receive pay changes. Human Resources will be reviewing each department and position to make those determinations, and if any changes are recommended for your position, they will be communicated to you individually. We can assure you that there will be no pay decreases through this exercise.





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