Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ)

The Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) is a data collection instrument designed to gather specific information about duties, responsibilities, essential functions, and physical requirements of a particular job and not the person in the job.

Purpose of the JAQ

The JAQ will be used to support the compensation competitive analysis and job classification project, which will be conducted by CBIZ Talent and Compensation Solutions. CBIZ will use the JAQ to assess job descriptions and assess the market competitive compensation for our positions.

Will the JAQ be used to evaluate my position for elimination from the organization?
No. The purpose of the JAQ is to ensure that we regularly ensure the validity of our job documentation and to support the compensation competitive assessment and job classification project.

If I fill out this JAQ, what is in it for me? 

The most likely outcome is that the pay range associated with a job will change. This does not necessarily mean that individuals will receive pay changes. Any potential compensation changes will be reviewed by Human Resources in conjunction with each department head. We can assure you that there will be no pay decreases through this exercise.

What is the cut-off date for eligibility to participate in the JAQ?

Staff hired on or after October 1, 2021 will not receive a JAQ. Positions for recently hired staff were reviewed, graded, and compensation was determined prior to posting the job to ensure job responsibilities were accurately reflected and up to date. 

What happens if I don’t complete the JAQ?
The JAQ is the opportunity for employees to provide additional information and accurately describe the duties and responsibilities they perform in their current positions. If you do not complete the JAQ, your existing job description will be the single source of information used to analyze your position.

Completing the JAQ

Where do I begin?
A good place to start would be your job description, just to refresh your memory and be sure you do not leave out any tasks. Only use your job description as a reference point as it may not accurately reflect your current job duties. We want to know what your job is currently, not what your job was supposed to be.

The questionnaire is rather lengthy; how long will this take me to complete?
Typically, the questionnaire will take an individual between 45 minutes and an hour. The JAQ is as long as it is because CBIZ needs to be made aware of every aspect of your job. Also, the questionnaire has plenty of questions that may not apply to your job, so those questions can be omitted.

Do I need to complete the JAQ all at one time?
No. If you are completing the web-based JAQ, you can save your progress and return later using the same link you used to start the JAQ. Be sure to save your responses frequently. You can exit the JAQ and return to it through the original survey link provided in the email.

What if my position has changed from the one listed on the JAQ?
The data compiled for this process is as of October 1, 2021. If your position has changed since then, complete the JAQ for your current position.

My coworker and I have the exact same job and do the exact same tasks; can we turn in one questionnaire for both of us?
No. CBIZ will use this questionnaire to make sure that you really are doing the same tasks. Also, two questionnaires for the same job help us fully understand the job being performed.

Do I include students in response to the question: "Please indicate the number of individuals you directly supervise"?
Yes, please include students in your response.

Review of the JAQ

Will my supervisor review and have final approval of the information I provide in the JAQ?
Yes. Supervisors will review and approve all information submitted by employees.

Will Human Resources review and have final approval of the information I provide in the JAQ?
No. Human Resources is not part of the JAQ review process. Only your supervisor will review and approve all information submitted by employees.

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