Affiliated Faculty

What's new effective July 1, 2022: 

  • Individual + 1 tier for Medical and Dental Plans
  • Vision Plan

Medical & Dental - Individual + 1 Tier Information

If you are currently enrolled in Family Coverage for Medical and/or Dental, and are covering just one dependent you will automatically be moved to Individual + 1 Coverage. You do not need to enroll for this change.

Eligible changes that can be made:

  • Add or drop family members to your medical or dental coverage (Eligible dependents are spouses and dependent children to age 26).
  • Newly enroll with a dental plan or medical plan (excluding the Harvard Pilgrim High Deductible PPO).  
  • Change your medical or dental plan (for example, HMO to PPO Medical; Base to Buy-Up Dental. Note that you cannot move in or out of the High Deductible PPO plan during this Open Enrollment.

Important Note: 

If you are currently enrolled in the High Deductible PPO plan and wish to add or drop dependents please contact Tricia Kennedy before enrolling to assist you with information regarding potential changes to HSA contribution amounts.

Vision Plan

Affiliated Faculty can now enroll with a Vision Plan. The plan is a 100% employee paid benefit and is available in 3 tiers of coverage: Individual, Individual + 1, and Family Coverage.

Information about this benefit can be found on the Vision Plan webpage.

Medical, Dental and Vision Plan Rates

A reminder that there are no changes to the Individual or Family rates.  Click below for the rate sheet.

Affiliated Faculty Medical, Dental & Vision Plan Premiums

Workday Open Enrollment Instructions

For information on how to enroll on Workday, see the Open Enrollment Instructions.

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