2021-2022 Annual Review

Annual performance reviews for FY22 are up to the discretion of your manager.  Please speak with your manager about their expectation.   

For those individuals and groups who are participating in the annual review process, employees will complete their self-review and submit it to their managers for feedback.


For those who are completing the performance review process:

  • Review your past monthly conversations in order to prepare for writing your review. The monthly conversations aim to increase timely feedback and encourage ongoing conversations between employees and managers. As you write your performance review, consider and include information on how you have progressed from month to month. Monthly Conversations can be viewed in your (or your employees’) Workday profile. Select Performance in the left menu to show the list of past conversations.
  • Review the Tips for Writing Your Self-Review
  • Answer the two questions on the self-review form.
  • Forward the form to your manager so they can add their comments/feedback. You can do this via email or share a Google Doc link.
  • After a 1:1 face-to-face discussion, upload the final review into Workday



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