Manager Learning Opportunities

We are dedicated to offering professional development and skill-enhancing opportunities to our managers. Whether you manage professional staff or student employees, we hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to further develop your skills as a people leader.

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Demonstrating Vulnerability to Promote Team Development: “Vulnerability is an act of courage.” - Brene Brown. In this class, managers will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of vulnerability in the workplace, identify ways they can promote and increase psychological safety, and the impact these can have on the development of their team. Sign up!

Effective Communication: In this class, we will discuss the impact communication has on the engagement level of our teams. We will tap into the group’s collective experiences to come away with a list of best practices to enhance our communication and increase employee engagement.  Additionally, tools will be utilized to assist in identifying communication preferences, and recognizing how they may or may not align with the preferences of our team members. Sign up!

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a cornerstone of leadership development. In this class, we will review a common EI model, look at our own levels of EI, and discuss how we can grow our EI skills to help us be more skilled leaders. Sign up!

Managing Conflict: Managing conflict well is a skill all managers should have and continue to improve. In this class, we will introduce the notion that conflict on its own is not bad and that positive outcomes are driven by our responses. Participants will recognize the difference between productive versus unproductive conflict, as well as reflect on different approaches that may or may not work with their individual team members. Sign up!

Providing Coaching & Feedback: Coaching and feedback are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are truly different ways to focus on performance.  In this class, we will discuss the differences between coaching and feedback, when the two are best utilized, and how to utilize them with your team members. Sign up!

Performance Management: Performance Management is the process of supporting employee performance through goal setting, coaching, feedback, tools, and processes. In this class, we will discuss Emerson’s approach to performance management, including tips on setting and coaching goals, delivering feedback, and utilizing quarterly performance conversations. Sign up!




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