Using Workday

What is Workday?

Workday is the college’s human resources and finance system. It provides staff, faculty, and student workers with a single, modern, secure, and intuitive online system (also accessible via the Workday mobile app) to do the following.

  • Maintain your personal & contact information

  • Maintain your bank information for direct deposit and tax elections

  • Elect and update your benefits

  • Request and have time off and leave approved

  • Enter your time and have it approved (For eligible employees)

  • Submit expense reports

Depending on your position within the organization, Workday will provide you with additional tools to assist you in your job responsibilities.

Watch our "Introduction to Workday Basics" video.


Accessing Your Workday Account

Access to Workday is controlled through our single sign-on solution. You can log-in to Workday at We recommend bookmarking the Workday website for future use.

If you are a new hire, please ensure you check your personal email for instructions on how to activate your worker access. Several onboarding emails to your personal email account will help ensure access and a smooth start, we appreciate your speedy reply and action on those requests.  

Navigating Workday

Your Homepage Applications

The Homepage applications you see will depend on your job responsibilities. Your homepage will house a variety of applications you will use within Workday, such as:

  • Personal Information: Update your contact information, emergency contacts, and personal information

  • Pay: Update your bank information for direct deposit and tax withholding elections

  • Time Off: Request time off and view your time off balances

  • Benefits: Change your benefits and beneficiaries

  • Career: Apply for internal positions, and refer candidates to open positions

Managers with direct reports and other positions within the college will have access to additional applications on their homepage in order to complete their job responsibilities.

Workday's Search Bar

Search in Workday allows you to access different tasks and reports quickly by typing out part of the name of the task or report. It also allows you to search for coworkers by typing their names.

Begin to type the name of the task, report, or coworker, and select the appropriate option when it appears.

Note: Spelling must be correct in order for Workday to suggest the task or report.

Workday Notifications 

Notifications will arrive in your email when you must complete a task in Workday, or when a task you initiated has been approved (i.e., Time off request, change in benefits).

These notifications will also be visible by clicking the bell icon in the upper-right corner of Workday.

You can reduce the number of notifications shown on the bell by selecting the bell icon and viewing the individual notification, or mark all notifications as read as noted below.

Your Workday Inbox

Tasks requiring action from you will appear in your Inbox. Your Inbox will then contain a task for you to fill out the information, approve, or send back if corrections are required.

Notifications for tasks in your inbox will be sent to your Emerson College email, as well as your Workday Inbox.

In order to clear an item from your inbox, fill out or review the information provided, and enter any comments required for context on the item.

Click Submit or Approve to push through the task, or Send Back (if applicable) to send a task back to the initiator to correct. Do NOT use Deny, if possible. Deny will completely delete the request or transaction. It would need to be completely recreated if done by mistake. Send back is a better option when working with someone.

Your Workday Profile

Your Workday Profile allows you to view your employee information and make changes to your information.

Your profile can be accessed via the cloud icon in the upper-right corner of Workday. This cloud icon may also be a picture you have uploaded to your profile.

On the left side of your profile, you will find the following areas which you can view and act in, depending on the area:

  • Action: Allows you to view or edit information or initiate tasks related to the areas noted below

  • Team: View your team members, and scroll up and down to view other departments and the organizational chart

  • Summary: Shows your job details and allows you to add your educational history

  • Job: Shows your job details, manager history, management chain for your position, worker history, union membership, and more

  • Compensation: Includes your pay information and history of compensation changes

  • Pay: View your payslips, tax elections, and tax documents

  • Time Off: Includes your time off balances

  • Contact: View and update your contact and emergency contact information

  • Personal: View and edit your personal information and government IDs, license, etc

  • Career: View and update your educational history, work experience, and language competencies

  • Overview: View and update your education and job history

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