Building Community and Wellness During Remote Work

Most Emerson staff are now working remotely, and we're all working with constituents (other staff, students, faculty, external parties) who are also remote. During this time, it's critical that we continue to maintain Emerson's sense of community and connectedness. It's also crucial that we think about our personal wellness, mental and physical, during this time. Below, you'll find helpful articles, activities to try with your team or department, and Slack Channels to join to expand your internal network. You'll also find a Calendar of Virtual Events, which outlines all of the exciting remote activities you can participate in over the coming weeks.



  • Emerson Pet Parade: Watch the recorded parade!
  • Emerson's Top Chef: Check out our own staff chefs!
  • Virtual Lunch:  You'd grab a bite to each with others if you were in the office.  Why not set up a Zoom and invite some others to join you?  Switch it up each day!  It will help you get up from your computer and give you someone(s) to chat with!
  • Wisdom Wednesdays: Weekly Meditation and Spiritual Practices (Every Wednesday 11:30 am- 12:00 pm): Wisdom Wednesdays is an online half-hour weekly gathering of meditation, spiritual practices, music, and meditative silence. Open to ALL students, faculty, and staff, this weekly gathering with live music provides a sacred pause in the middle of our busy Emerson lives. Join via Zoom at
  • Community Pause: Take a moment at 8 am EST each morning to pause and to hold the Emerson community-- including yourself!-- in your heart. Take a deep breath, close your eyes if you feel comfortable, and send your good wishes to your fellow Emersonians and yourself as we each begin a new day. 

Slack Channels

Some other Emerson Slack channels that will make you feel a little less socially distant:

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to build our community, please submit a ticket to HR

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