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Updating your Workday Photo

Updating your Workday Photo

Instructions for Updating your Workday Photo

  1. Select the Personal Information application on your homepage

  2. From the "Change" options, select Photo.

  3. Attach the photo to the indicated attachments area.

  4. Use your mouse to adjust the markings around the image, which will adjust the size.

  5. Click Ok

  6. Click Submit

What Happens Next?

Your photo will route to HR for approval. Once approved, it will become your new Workday photo.

Photo Specifications

  • Digital, color photo

  • Front-view of your full face

  • Centered in the frame from just above the top of your head to your collarbone

  • Eyes open and fully visible

  • Eyeglasses okay but there must be no glare. No sunglasses

  • No “selfies” - i.e. your arm shouldn’t be showing in the photo

  • Your face must be only thing in the photo (no other people, landscapes, pets, etc)

  • No hats or headwear

  • Plain color background

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