Using the Workday Work From Home Field

Starting in the Spring 2021 semester, the College is using a new field in your Workday profile that indicates whether or not you work from home. This important field will help us communicate with work-from-home versus work-on-campus staff, manage testing compliance, and more. We have populated this field based on building access during the fall semester.

How to review your status

    • Go to Workday and click on your picture in the top right

    • Select View Your Profile to open your Workday profile

    • Under the Summary section, you’ll see whether or not we’ve designated you as working from home

    • If it says “Yes” under Works From Home, that means we expect that you are working off-campus (or visiting the office only occasionally, for less than 7.25 hours per week). If you o not see any notation or change to your profile, that means we expect you are working on campus one or more days per week.

If your status is correct - no action is required.

If your status is incorrect or needs changes:

  • Consult with your manager and confirm whether or not you are working on campus - you are expected to get manager confirmation/approval before changing your status
  • If your manager confirms that it needs to be changed, submit a ticket to HR and select COVID-19 under What is this about?

Managers are expected to check each direct report’s status and confirm it’s accurate; if it’s not, managers should reach out and instruct them to submit a ticket to HR to change it.


More Information 

  • All employees can see one another’s work-from-home status - simply search for an employee, go to their profile, and review the “Summary” section.

    • If it says “Yes” under Works From Home, that means they are working off-campus.

    • If you do not see any notation or change to their profile, that means they work on campus one or more days per week.

  • This field is not changed lightly. It is considered the source of truth for who is working remotely and who is working on campus, an important part of de-densification and safety on campus.

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