SEIU Contract Information

The new SEIU contract is being finalized.  Until then, we are providing the former contract and the tentative agreements for the updated contract.  


  • Page 1 in former contract



Management Rights

Union Security


Union Rights

Bargaining Unit Information

Labor Management Committee

Bulletin Boards

Grievance and Arbitration Procedures


Introductory Evaluation Period

Discipline and Discharge

  • Page 19 in former contract

Health and Safety

Personnel Files

  • Page 22 in former contract

Work Hours and Duties

Job Review

Performance Evaluation

Reductions in Force and Recall


Benefits and Time Off

Shared Sick Time Program

Parental Leave

Teaching By Unit Members

  • Pages 58-59 in former contract

College Closing

  • Page 60 in former contract

Outside Employment Policy

Credit for Past Service

Staff Diversity and Inclusion

Past Practices

  • Page 66 in former contract

No Strike No Lockout

  • Page 67 in former contract

Separability of Provisions

  • Page 68 in former contract


  • Pages 69-71 in former contract

Side Letter 

Staffing Side Letter

Remote Work

Committee Representation

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