Finding Organization Staffing Items

Overview of .Finding Organization Staffing Items

You will be able to use the steps below to see where things are sitting with team changes (e.g. not yet finished staffing items within your team, or your subordinates’ teams). You will also be able to see vacant positions that are eligible for re-filling. 


  1. From main dashboard, click on My Team Application.

  2. Click More under the View Category.

  3. Click on the Organization button (Note: NOT Org Chart Button).

  4. Find the “Supervisory Organization” or the team you want.

  5. Then Click Ok. 

  6. Click on the Staffing tab (third tab over). See Fig.1 

  7. Under In Progress Staffing Actions, you should be able to see all current changes in progress within that team.

  8. To to see either the details submitted or past steps of the process click on the blue word (link) "Business Process". 

  9. The Business Process page is separated into two tabs: 

    1. Details: See what was initiated.

    2. Process: See what steps have occurred. See Fig. 2.

  10. To see the Remaining Steps click the grey "Remaining Process" (Please note: that this page shows all possible steps left, some are relevant and some are irrelevant).

Fig. 1



Fig. 2


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