Excel Training Resources

We have compiled a list of training resources for those looking to improve their Excel skills. Please note these are from sources outside of Emerson.  Check our Current Learning Opportunities for training offered by the HR team!

Basic Excel Resources

Basic Tasks in Excel - Source: Microsoft website - This resource explains multiple Excel tasks, from creating a new workbook to applying a template.  It allows users to pinpoint what task they need help with, providing step-by-step instructions with pictures to assist in accomplishing. 

Excel for Beginners - Source: YouTube - Labeled "The Complete Course," users will learn spreadsheet terminology, how to create workbooks, use formulas and functions, format, create and edit charts and more.  Broken into seven sections, the class description includes the times to jump to depending on what is needed.

How to Use Excel: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started - Source: Spreadsheeto.com - Detailed pictures and text explain how to do each task. Additionally, tips and tricks are included throughout.


Have a Resource to Share?

If you have an Excel training resource you have found helpful, please email it to hr@emerson.edu and we'll add it to the list for others to benefit!

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