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Gallup's research shows the most effective way to develop and empower people is to help them discover and use their strengths. Strengths-based development is about helping people recognize and develop their talents and strengths - and appreciate others' strengths too. Read what others have said about CliftonStrengths.

Your Folder of Personalized CliftonStrengths Documents

If you are an Emerson staff or faculty member who has completed the CliftonStrengths assessment, you can find your personalized CliftonStrengths Google Drive folder and create a shortcut for it:

  1. Log into your Emerson Google Drive.
  2. Search:  Your Name - CliftonStrengths Documents
  3. Click on your folder to open it.
  4. Click on the folder name, select Organize, and then Add Shortcut so you can save it in your own Drive.
  5. View all the documents the Talent Development team created specifically for you!

If you have completed the assessment but cannot find your folder, or you have not completed the CliftonStrengths assessment, please reach out to HR to discuss. 

Note: We recognize that names change or that you may have a preferred name.  If you'd like an update to the name on your strengths documents, please submit a ticket to HR and we'll update them for you!

Personalized Resources

These resources were created for you to help further your strengths-based development.  Completing the assessment is one piece, but continually using and developing your strengths can be your greatest potential for excellence. While we offer instructor-led training classes, these resources can supplement the classes and be tapped into on your own schedule.  

Top 5 Report: This is your personalized report from the assessment. You can also log into the Gallup website to retrieve a copy of it and view your Signature Theme report. (Signature Theme report is not personalized.)

  • How to utilize this resource:  read through it and identify words, phrases or sentences that you agree with.  How do you see the strength show up in your work or in how you build relationships? Have someone who knows you well read the report and ask them their thoughts.

Note: As of January 20, 2024, the Top 5 Report has replaced the Insight Guide report. 

Name Tent: Display your name tent in your workspace. It serves as a reminder to you what your top five strengths are and helps keep you focused on them. When something goes well look at them and ask yourself which strengths contributed to the success.  When something is difficult look at them and reflect on which strengths can help you in the moment. This can also serve as a conversation starter with colleagues and students!

Personal Insights: A resource with language to help you describe your strengths in different ways. This includes phrases such as "The Role I Play", "I am", "I Will" and motivators/demotivators. 

  • How to utilize this resource: read through it and identify words, phrases or sentences that you agree with. Two people with the same strengths theme may appear very different, so think about additional words you'd use to describe your strengths.  Start to combine words from different strengths to identify your strengths in combination!  We are really never one strength at a time so have fun getting to know them in a new way. One way to do this is to take a word from "The Role I Play" of one strength and follow it up with an "I Will" from another strength. 
    • "I am a troubleshooter who will hang on to things that could be helpful resources for others." (Restorative + Input)
    • "I am a peacemaker who sees thinking as synonymous with doing." (Harmony + Intellection)

Bring-Need: There are two halves to this document and both are powerful.  The first are examples of what value the strength brings to the world. The second column provides examples of what the strength may need to be its very best.

  • How to utilize this resource - I Bring column: Pull statements from this list to create your strengths super-power!  Consider this your personal pump-up statement or maybe it demonstrates what you aspire to become. Think about these statements and how they manifest in your work. Talk with your manager about them. These statements can really hone in on the value you bring to your team, your relationships and how you approach your work.
  • How to utilize this resource - I Need column: These are not "I'm needy give me this" phrases. These are "In order for me to be my very best, I need..." or "I am at my most productive when I have..." statements.  Use these to help you diagnose what you might be missing when you resist change, are not motivated, or have difficulty focusing. Share these with your manager or colleagues.  The goal is to improve the way we all work together and conversations around what our strengths need to be their best can help us continually improve!

Power of Me: Have fun with this document. It is a resource designed to help you think about your strengths in combination. The handout provides you with a collection of words, but add others you think of too.

  • How to utilize this resource: Follow the instructions to take a "Description Word" from the first column and combine it with a "Role I Play" from a different strength.  (You can even do this with more than two strengths, whether it is two descriptive words + a role or one descriptive word + two roles).  
    • Impatient organizer (Activator + Discipline)
    • Impatient but charming organizer (Activator + Woo + Discipline)
  • There is no right or wrong way to do this, nor are there wrong combinations!

Your Advantage Documents: Each of these documents provides space for you to reflect on a set of questions.

  • Care Coach - Taking Care of Yourself: How do your strengths help or hinder you when it comes to self-preservation, asking for help, sustaining energy or worry, and celebrating wins?
  • Getting Things Done: How do your strengths motivate, help you choose a course of action, impact your productivity, and help you to the finish line?
  • Leadership: How do your strengths help you build trust, compassion, stability and hope?
  • Managing Change: How do your strengths help you plan for change, support and see the big picture when change is occurring?
  • Productivity:  Being productive involves more than doing, how do your strengths help you make decisions, influence others, collaborate and get things done?
  • Psychological Safety: How do your strengths help create an environment of psychological safety for yourself and others?
  • VUCA: How do your strengths help you navigate forward in times of unexpected, uncertain, complex or ambiguous situations?

Gallup Report Options

Gallup offers CliftonStrengths reports beyond the Top 5 report.  Each report offers you additional insight into your strengths, how to develop them, and how to apply them to your personal and professional growth.  If you are interested in exploring these options, please reach out to HR for consultation (and the ability to purchase with a discount!)

Managers Report: Unlocks your top 10 and includes:

  • Manager strengths insights
  • Hindrances to watch for
  • Reflection questions
  • Action items
  • View example Managers Report

Leaders Report: Unlocks your top 10 and includes:

  • Leader strengths insights
  • Hindrances to watch for
  • Reflection questions
  • Action items
  • View example Leaders Report

Full 34: Unlocks your full 34 and includes:

  • Custom strengths insights for the top 10
  • Action items
  • Your areas of excellence
  • Navigating blind spots
  • Manage your lesser strengths
  • Unique domain distribution
  • View example Full 34 Report
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