Making a Verbal Offer - Sample Script

As the manager, you get to share the good news with the candidate once you make your final decision to extend the offer to them. This is an important step in developing your professional relationship. 

Your verbal offer to the candidate should include relevant information about the position: 

  • Schedule 
  • Start date
  • Compensation

It is not uncommon for a candidate to request time to consider your offer. We ask that candidates respond within three (3) business days. If your candidate asks to negotiate or if you need assistance with the offer process, contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sample Script

You can adjust the script to fit your own style. 

I'm calling to offer you the [Position Title] that we spoke about recently. I hope that you are still interested!

  • If No: Thank you for letting me know, may I ask what has changed since we last spoke? 
  • If Yes: As you know, the position is [Position Title].
    • It is a [Full/Part] time role for [9/10/11 Months OR Full Calendar Year].
    • Your work schedule is [Hours/Days].
    • If union: This is a union position with the [Union Name].
    • The starting compensation is [Offer Amount].
    • Start Date: We're looking to have you begin on one of our Day One Orientation days. The next upcoming dates are [Day One Orientation Dates].

If the candidate requests time to think: Of course! Would you be able to get a decision to me within the next three (3) business days? I will send you an email with some information so that you have all the resources you need. 

If the candidate requests to negotiate salaryCompensation packages are determined by HR using a formal benchmarking process. Offers to candidates are commensurate with years of experience. We strive to put our best offer on the table from the outset and often do not have flexibility. I will need to talk to HR about any request to review an offer. 

Once the candidate accepts the verbal offer, let the candidate know they should expect a written offer to follow within a couple of days. Then, contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist for next steps.

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