Human Resources

Short Term Disability

Eligible Staff: Following 14 consecutive calendar days of disability, eligible staff receive 60% of salary, up to 180 calendar days.

Full-Time Faculty on ECCAAUP: Following two weeks of disability, the College continues to pay 100% of salary, up to 180 days in any 24-month period.

Full-Time Returning Term Faculty Member, and Three Year Returning Term Faculty Member: Faculty members are eligible for 100% base pay for 30 consecutive calendar days of disability and up to 150 additional consecutive calendar days at 60% base pay.

Eligible staff are eligible for this benefit after 3 months of service. Eligible faculty are eligible for this benefit after 6 months of service.

Disability coverage is determined based upon medical necessity and insurance standards. Medical authorization and verification is required as part of the application process.

This benefit is administered and paid for by Emerson College.

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